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Sil wants us to drop off presents today as she will use them from santa !

I have never heard of this weird behaviour before. I had three missed calls and got a text saying 'bring presents today so I can wrap and give them from santa'. They aren't from santa they are from us ? I though what is she on about? i called back and said was that meant to be for someone else? She said no I ran out of money and need more santa presents so if you drop them off I'll wrap them like my other santa ones ..... I said but what will I give them on Christmas? She said maybe a lolly stocking or something? I said I can't drop off today I want to talk to hubby before doing anything...what would you do?


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Tell her it's not your problem she run out of money and keep your presents from you, that's just friken rude af

If they're struggling and you are not, honestly I'd just do it. Weird af thing to even ask though.

For me it was the way she asked that really irritates me. It comes across as so entitled. I would want to know how many presents she has got for the kids and what where they first. If they hardly had anything then yes I would give her my presents but it sounds like she already has her presents, she just wants a few extra, in which case no I wouldn’t.

One year right after hubby left us, i called his brother amd my brother in tears. They rocked up with a tree, gifts, food, and took the kids out so i could get the house set up and wrap it all up.

If she's really struggling, and you have a little extra, drop some stuff off. You can keep a bit to give them at your family gathering. Or just go buy more stuff or give her some cash to go shopping. Making sure the kids have a magical holiday is all that matters

No way would I give them to her. They are from you, not Santa.

If she didn't have any gifts and were truly struggling I wouldn't have a problem with this, but sounds like she has already done santa gifts but decided its not enough. Just tell her you want to give the kids presents personally and want them to know who gave it to them.

My SIL wouldn't do this, but if she did I'd be okay with that. But I wouldn't be buying more presents for the kids. We've been dirt poor before, and I know what it's like to not know where the kids presents will come from. The thing that bothers me though is "not enough" presents from santa. Santa only gives one present in this house. One small gift. The rest are from us.
Definitely talk with your partner about it first though. Its not on for her to be pressuring you like this. You and hubby are a team, that means she should be asking him too.

 I agree with one small gift from Santa. I much prefer the kids know most presents come from us. I think it's also good for when they stop believing in Santa, they don't think they'll lose half their presents (I don't personally like the 'if you don't believe, you don't receive' mentality).
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 We also make sure that the "biggest" gifts are from us not Santa. Santa fills the stockings and brings 1 or 2 fun little gifts. Everything else is from us and family :)
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 Same in our house-1 gift from Santa everything else is from us
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At the end of the day, it's about the kids. My sister in law wouldn't do this, but I know they are tight on money so progressively as I've seen gifts I think the kids would like, I've bought them and left them there ''playing dumb'' and just said ''oh I forgot to grab it, I didn't want the kids to see me take just hide it and wrap it up with yours for end of year or next birthday....'' and just a few cheaper goodies from me. While it's not ok for yours to do this so last minute, think of the kids. Does it really matter if they open them up knowing they are from YOU - or appearing as though they are from SANTA enhancing the magic for them. Drop the gifts over, tell her she needs to sort her budgeting and sort her shit out next year, you're more then happy to help contribute but a bit better planning and notice in future. It's CRAP of her to do this, but this is not the time to be stubborn and prove a point to her. You can give them a gift any time, don't let them think Santa is a PRICK that drops millions of other kids x boxes and trampolines... but leaves them a meazly chocolate stocking LOL they have enough disappointments ahead. As they grow older they will become aware of what you buy and how you support them etc. but let them believe in Xmas this year.

No, I wouldn’t be doing that. She can buy the lolly stockings from Santa. Then what difference would it make?

That is really weird! I'd be annoyed I love giving my niece presents and because were in NZ and she's in Australia my sister will video call so I can see her face when she opens them. Why can't Santa just give the small gifts like lollies ?

Buy a couple of really cheap crappy things and take them over