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Would you be comfortable with a dad in the parents room?


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What makes me uncomfortable is when my husband or father-in-law is made to feel unwelcome in these rooms when they are with my children.
Too many times they have been subject to mothers glaring at them whilst taking our girls to the bathroom etc. I'm glad my daughters can now use a bathroom by themselves.

It’s called a parents room and not a “mum” room for a reason.

Yep. Many times Dad's are in the parent's room attending to their children or helping their wives when I'm in there. No issues at all here.

Dads are parents too. They have every right to be in a parents room

Umm yes! They’re not aliens. A dad is a parent too. If you need to breastfeed your LO there’s designated areas with curtains for privacy. I don’t see the issue unless it’s just a random male lurking around in the parents room then that’s a different story.

Yes, no different to my husband feeding my child, changing their nappy or taking them to the toilet.

In theory I'm fine with it. More dads should be so involved with the kids. In practice, I don't like anyone else in the parents room while I'm using it. I don't want to smile and make small talk. You're probably a really nice person, but I'm shy and awkward and timid, leave me be.

Yes, they are being a parent! Anyone that says otherwise is ridiculous

I'm perfectly fine with Dad's in the parents room. The random creeps without children (male or female), that come in to heat up their food and occupy the toilet for ages, I'm not ok with.

The women who complain think dads are only there to stare at their boobs. Get over yourselves, the dads are there for their kids not to stare at random boobs. His wife’s boobs are probably way better looking than yours anyway.

 He's probably just glad you're feeling your kids and you don't need intervention from DOCS.
People sexualize everything

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A lot of people find it strange, my husband was asked to leave a parent's room a few years ago. I was there with him and I said sorry it's a parent's room, he isn't going anywhere.

 That is just awful! I'm so glad you were there to stuck up for him. If I ever saw anything like that happen I would do the same thing. We are all parents. We all have the same rights.
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