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How does your house on the inside look when your partner comes home from work ?


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Usually fine. Right now? It looks like the Teletubbies were in my house with that fu****g vacuum cleaner that just spits out pink custard all over the fu****g place..

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 It happens lol
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Like a display home ! I always like my husband to come home to a nice fresh clean home esp after a hard day at work. Aw plus I am a mother of 4 but I still get it done !

There will always at least be a clear path to the bathroom and then the couch and a cold beer as soon as he sits down. He does very hard manual labour work and is usually buggered after work so it's the least I can do for him after he's been out breaking his back to provide for me and my kids. Yes MY kids, he is their stepdad and still works his arse off to provide them everything they want and need and for me to be able to stay at home with them. Some days I will be productive and the house will be spotless and there will be a massive home cooked meal, other days i will have spent all day in pain and I will literally be kicking stuff out of the road and will have ordered take out or asked my MIL to cook and bring some over. Depends on how bad my pain levels are and whether or not I've been able to convince my doctor to give me decent pain meds

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It looks the same as when he's at work. I don't tidy up especially for him, he lives in the house, he knows what it looks like.

Always clean and tidy so he can relax. I love to do everything for him. I work full time but get home earlier than him.

 I call BS on this. You're just trying to goad someone into a conflict
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 🤣 Call it what you like! I know what my life looks like and how I live it.
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A home. Not a display home. Its got clothes drying on the air rack. Its a clean home. But not a display home. U want a display home u dont have kids lol

Depends on if I am at and working full time. It usually looks like however we left it last night before going to bed because at the moment we both get up early and then come home between 5-7pm.... long days. If I am home during the day I make sure it’s cleaned up and tidy and dinner is nearly ready. Why? Because I’m home all day and he works hard and it’s how I appreciate all he does.

Its usually cleanish. I have discovered that swapping the order of housework means its clean when dh walks in the door.
I start with putting washing on, then clean bathrooms and the side of the house the kids don't play in. Then cooking snacks/dinner etc then scrub the kitchen. I clean the lounge at about 4.30 with kid help then put the kids in the bath. Kids watch TV, dinner is in oven, so it's tidy when he walks in the door.

Mines fifo so I make sure it’s clean and tidy when he comes home with all washing and folding done and clean sheets on the bed , so I can spend more time with him but by the time he leaves it needs a clean again .