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Best compact stroller suitable for long distance walking with a toddler? Recommendations please?

I need to purchase a compact stroller that will be suitable for walking long distances on footpaths etc. for my two year old. Ideally one that can also have a skateboard attachment for my 3yr old. Any recommendations please? Thank you


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I have a baby jogger city tourer. It’s great as it folds really compact and can be taken as carry on baggage on flights. It comes with a backpack storage bag. The only issue I’ve had with it is, the seats not particularly large so if your 2 yo is tall they might look a bit squished in it. My 3yo still squeezes in occasionally though, so it’s manageable. Been a while since I’ve used it, but think it has a straight bar across the back to allow for a skateboard to attach 🤔

 Thank you
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Have you pushed a pram with a skateboard? How tall.are you?

 Yes I have. I am 5”6
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 You should be ok. I'm vertically challenged and really struggled.
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