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Have you ever come to a point in your life where you've had to say 'im over my family'


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Why are you feeling like this OP ? Who hurt your feelings ?

We moved interstate and visit once a year.
I get 20 phone calls a day from my abuser and refuse to answer the phone. I answer once per week just to say hello and keep in touch but there is no need for the extent of control this person try’s to exert. We are a much happier and healthier family and our kids are thriving.

Yep! The only thing keeping me here is my elderly Dad, as I'm his carer. Once Dad passes on, I really don't think I will have any reason to maintain contact.

Absolutely! That was 5 years ago and I’m honestly so happy without the drama, let down, annoying immaturity and just plain different perspectives. I felt conflicted for a couple of years, but I had felt like this a long time, so after that I knew that it was the right call when I hear the stuff that goes down still...

 How did you do it? I just keep wishing i had a different family. It breaks my heart feeling like this all the time
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 I wrote this comment. I basically told them it's over after giving them too many chances. My mum was an alcoholic (a nice one but one that was unbearable in the drama created), sister was a big manipulate r who only contact Rd me if she wanted something and was generally jealous and mean to me, and brothers had mental health issues which he wouldn't get help for.. they all had chances and when I cut it , thought it would blow over. Now they have not heard from me in all those years, and I don't care if they tell people garbage because I know I put up with enough and though some people get confused, I am honest about it and people get it when more details are given. I am not going to lie, it was very tough, but it's like a breakup I suppose, the feelings go and then you know it was the right thing! Sure Christmas and life is tricky without family, but you have to break the cycle and be able to stand up for yourself. Anymore questions feel free to ask xx
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 Also, If they have a mental health problem that's not an excuse for them to destroy you also. Family can really need with you and I tried the line of being understanding and forgiving and it did not work for me as they would just expect chances for the most unacceptable things. You have to live the experience to understand it
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  Block and delete ph number
No explanation texted

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 ^^What are you suggesting??
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Yes! I always say family is nothing but blood. If you treat me well/decently I’ll stick around - if not, you’ll find me out of your life pretty quickly.
If people are Constantly making you feel crappy, make you scared to answer the phone, anxious, etc. you don’t need that

Yes. I took a massive step back and stopped bending over backwards for them. I did it for my mental health and it has made such a huge positive difference!

 My sister wants me to have little bit of understanding about her life and doesn’t care about my life
I blocked her number and deleted her number

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I can’t deal with the drama my family bring. Easier just to distance myself

My fam is mostly close. But sometimes we're in each others faces too much so we have to take a break for a while.
No biggie getting space!
We have one sibling we all have had to take distance ourselves from as they are users, abusers, in trouble with police, dcp, money problems, etc etc. We tried to offer support but unless The support was us giving them money for their habits they don't want to know, it's been a very difficult thing to Walk away from family though.