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Leaving a negative review- do you do this ?

So backstory is I have never left a review. However, for 2years I took my daughter to a reputable, expensive dentist. Every six months, checkup and have raised with them each time her senstivity to brushing over certain teeth. Randomly they xrayed and revealed four cavities, deep ones and after $700 fillings the pain has gone.
On baby teeth thankfully, apparently due to not flossing, which they told me I didn’t need to do when i clarified a year ago. I changed after they told me and got my fillings elsewhere and the service is much better. It took them several reminders to send over their files to the new dentist. I am angry, as they have been expensive and very complacent, from the get go and I should have seen the signs, two dentists addicted to their phones, acting all snooty but not really listening, and when I expressedly told them my child hates the dentist, they didn’t really accomodate her. The new dentist. implied they didn’t clean her teeth well. Would you write something?


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Yes. Be honest. Give other parents the insight you weren't able to have. I have started doing this. Don't be petty, just honest.
I feel like the only dentist i can trust is the school van dentist.

 I agree just be honest and realistic
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You should. You might save someone from spending $100-1000s and possible extra dental work they wouldn’t need otherwise.

Yes - don't have to be scathing and furious but just say honestly what your experience was, it's very helpful to other customers.

Another thing: I've found (more than once now) that when I tell the company face to face or via phone that their service was unacceptably bad they're like 'ohhh sorreeee but we won't be fixing it or giving you a refund, bye!' - BUT if I write a review explaining exactly what they did, suddenly they find that they CAN offer refunds/fix what they stuffed up, if I wouldn't mind taking down my review...

I don't leave reviews but I do find them useful. I have wanted to leave a bad review for a cafe, the tea bag broke, I asked for another and they charged me for it. I questioned them (I just said really, and was polite) and got a very rude "yes we don't give out free drinks" she almost shouted it at me as she slammed the drink down and spilled half of it. She was the owner, I was a regular customer who often did a coffee run at work, and used the cafe for work lunches and gave her a lot of business. I didn't leave a bad review, but I haven't been back since. I walk a but further down the road to the competition.

 I cant believe how people like that are still in business.
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Yeah Id write a review that they had poor patient manner, I think you may find other reviews saying the same. I had a dentist be rude to me and accuse me of not brushing when my teeth were actually bad because I had HG (constant vomiting). I just went elsewhere in future.

Yes I will leave a bad review if it can help someone else. For example if I were you I’d write a review, but if I was the teabag lady I’d just do what she did and take my business elsewhere. I also write great reviews for a great service.