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Whats the naughtiest/kinkiest thing you've done while married or in a committed relationship?

My husband and I are getting bored with our sex life and need ideas that happen in real life - not just porn! - to spice things up beyond dress ups or role play kinda things. What are some of the naughtiest / kinkiest things you've done while married or with someone?


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Sex in kmart change rooms
Sex at a friends house (bathroom quickie)
Sex on the car bonnet
Blowies while his driving
Fingers me while I drive
All these โ€œnaughtyโ€ acts while result in better bedroom activities

 What is it with kmart change rooms? I often wonder as there is only a curtain. When I worked at Kmart I think I found about 15 couples shagging in the change rooms.
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 Not my response, but the Kmart near me has lockable doors.
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 Yes ours too
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 Any wonder Kmart is doing so much better than target these days!
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 So gross germs ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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 You try being the one having to clean up after ๐Ÿคฎ
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 Curious. With the change rooms and quickie do you actually cum? Or is it just sex?
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  Go to DLS for this crap
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When we went to the movies I wore a long skirt just as the movie started I gave my hubby my knickers that I took off just before we went in to sit down... just a bit of fore play

The old โ€˜meet a stranger in a barโ€™ role play was awesome.

 How far did you take that?? Did you just chat to someone?
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 I think she means her and her hubby pretended they didn't know each other. Modern family, Clive and Juliana style.
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 Yes sorry I meant we went out seperate and picked each other up at the bar. Took it to a hotel room.
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Rimming or anal play with fingers then build to anal whilst your hubby slams your pussy with a sex toy at the same time

 I bet that left you with 2 gaping holes ๐Ÿคฎ
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 Yeah, be careful girls, anal = shitting yourself pretty much all day everyday for the rest of your life once you reach a certain age. Its not sexy then. Im a nurse, I think there should be an education campaign about anal sex and the consequences as one ages. Relationships get very strained when ones wife starts dripping poo. Men leave.
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 Yep sounds sooooooo sexy......not ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Swinging.. love it and it's made our relationship stronger 12years on!! (Been married 20) Never get bored with such a variety and you'd be surprised how many couples do it!

 OP here - how did you find couples to do it with?? Were they people you know?
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 Red Hot Pie - find couples there
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 Adult match maker for us.. got brave and went to a swingers party.. no pressure there and alot of fun got to meet like minded couples and took it from there.
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 No one we know knows our secret. They'd be horrified but it's our business, it works for us and we're happy. We also go out of town.
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Rimming. Sex toys. Sex in the swimming pool.

 Nothing better than a tongue up my date
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