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Australian traditions

Could you please give me some ideas about australian traditions.
Lots of the ones i think of originated somewhere else and australia like adopted it.


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Sausage sizzles, Lamington drives, Santa on the fire truck giving out lollies, listening to triple j hottest 100 on Australia Day while having a barbie. Having a pair of “good” thongs for going out. Grabbing a bbq chicken, prepackaged pasta salad and bread rolls from the supermarket whenever you’ve got a crowd coming on short notice/ Meeting anyone at the park for picnic/ you can’t be fu***d cooking dinner.

Dodging psychotic maggies for dear life.

Fun fun.

 I got attacked by 2 yesterday....they have started already😂
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 They're just mongrels, aren't they?! 😂
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what about a orphan christmas, whereas anyone without any family come to your place.

Maybe camping traditions like damper and Billy tea. Unless its aborigional traditions I think most would originate elsewhere.

 Camping at Easter is a pretty common one I think. Or at least going away over easter to a bnb or something. Just about everyone I know does.
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