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Cant believe it! What should I do????

Mum (64) had surgery in another city this week (redoing her breast implants after cancer) my husband was in that city for work last night and seen who he is 99% sure was my mums partner (who is alot younger then her) exiting a whore house. Mum's partner is a bit of a doosh and she could do alot better (she's knows it but is the type who can't do without a man) She was discharged and came home today. What the hell do I do with info???? Do I say something to him/her? Leave it til she's recovered? Don't say anything at all???? They don't know he was in that town but his work vehicle is sign written. We don't know if he seen hubby or not. I'm guessing he would have. Help!


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Don't say anything to your mum. If you're dying inside over this then maybe let him know that you know. It might scare him into doing the right thing. Just a thought

OP Yes I think you're right. I might just get him on his own and say that husband saw him and see what he says/does.
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Been in a similar situation and I told my mum. It followed two years of being her sound board after that. I think I would just say, hubby was in town and saw your partner in whatever street it was etc and leave it at that

OP This is why hubby waited to tell me lol.
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Wait.. why was your husband at the wh**e house?

 ^^haha hahahaha. I never thought of that 🤣🤣
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OP Hahaha he was driving from restaurant to his motel
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I can't even believe that you would have to ask this question. THIS IS YOUR MOTHER.
For f**k sake. This site really shits me sometimes.


OP Um yeah BUT she is just home from reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, not sure she could handle the news right this very second
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Don’t tell your mum but definitely approach him and give him what for....

Tell her. You don't want scum like that wasting her time or being in her will.