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Accepting a scholarship to a private school.

My son has been offered a partial scholarship to a private school for year 6 next year. We can afford to pay the remainder and send his twin sister. It isn't a hugely expensive school, but has a program for gifted children which my son will be in. My husband is worried about sending them as it will upset his son to a previous relationship. Step son was offered a scholarship to a private high school, but we and his mum couldn't afford it, it was a very expensive school. I am thinking of accepting the scholarship and start the enrollment process regardless. Is it fair to make other kids miss out?


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How old is the step son? Maybe you can explain the difference in cost of the two schools and how you're taking this one as its more affordable. If he is still at school then I think its only fair he be offered the chance to go to that school too, see if there's any scholarships he can apply for.

Step son doesn’t have to miss out at our private school. You get discount for second sibling and 3+ is almost no fees. Why not negotiate. I can see the issue all children should have a fair choice

 That’s usually catholic school
Most private’s school are only minor in comparison to actual fees discounts

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 My children attend a Christian College on the Gold Coast and I’ve just double checked fees this year 4th child or over 4 is no fees
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 I almost enrolled my children in a Christian college in rural nsw. You only pay for the first 2 kids. We have 4 so I was cheering. But the principal turned out to be an ex boyfriends dad so haha, I got the hell out of there 😂
But, my point was, not all places are the same. Or something like that. I don't know. I'm tired as right now, and thinking about the ex boyfriend is just making me nostalgic

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 Omg how awkward lol
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Thanks all. Step son is at uni, and has a chip on his shoulder about little brother having similar abilities to him, so private school won't go down well. I accepted the place at the school.

 That’s ok and to be honest quite fair for him to feel this. I think you can’t down play, just be open and honest. Everyone has feelings and challenges, I think being the oldest, and a step son at that is tough so just try be kind and forgiving towards any chips that he brings up. Good luck x
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 He will be ok, just a bit annoyed, he gets support for uni so it's not all about the little ones. It's more my husband being worried about rocking the boat.
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I think it depends a lot on the personality of the step sibling. I've never begrudged my step siblings anything. They've had opportunities I haven't, even for things I wanted too. But, at the end of the day, we're still family. And family is a team sport. I've had opportunities they haven't too.
Is your stepson likely to understand the situation?

Sadly it will likely upset the other son so if you can don’t downplay it. You need to support your husband to have an open and honest situation with the other son and explain he difference and be prepared to revisit the conversation. I feel if the tables were turned you’d feel the same 100perceent right? But yes, go for it.

I think it is fair..different circumstances and easier on the finances this time around. If you could of done it for the other kid you would of but at that time you couldn't...

I knew someone who was in this position, he accepted the scholarship and his brother and sister went to a public high school. They could not afford the huge expense