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Laser hair removal

Pros and cons of laser hair removal - full brazlian? What is the pain? The best care for before, during and after? Any help will be great. Thank you


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I have had several sessions at Australian laser clinics, were the staff wear those bright blue uniforms. Have had face, underarms, lower legs, and bikini line done.
The best way to describe it is that it stings like a flick of a rubber band, but it didnt bother me much at all. They put a soothing cream on after the treatment.
I bought the whole series of sessions, which is much cheaper, and am thrilled with the results. By the time all those sessions are finished, all the hair will be gone.
You cannot have it done if you have been exposed to sun in the last 2 weeks, so I had mine done in the winter, and they have been very good about my erratic appointments, whilst waiting for enough hair to regrow to be worth having another treatment, and waiting until clear of sun exposure.
I just wish it had been available years ago, as it has been almost painless. Also it will not work on white hairs, as it is the hair colour that attracts the laser, which I had to have removed from my face with electrolysis, which is really painful. I had hard white hormonal hairs as well as the dark ones.

Honestly the pain is less than a tattoo. And quicker. And the results are fast.
I'm in process of face, underarms, full arms and Brazilian. I'm Italian and the hair on my face and everywhere is so thick. I've being checked and it's not hormones etc, it's genetics. I was teased all through primary and high school and I am really coming into my own now it's getting sorted. I sometimes feel shit and wish I had the confidence to not care what I look like. But a beard is fugly😂

I had my first session on my underarms a few weeks ago. It was uncomfortable but didn't hurt I realise this may be different for bikini line) and it was over in a couple of minutes. After care was no deodorant for the day and some aloe vera gel. So happy I did it, can't wait for the rest of the sessions to be done

I’m looking at laser hair removal too... but also scared to go and get it started...
Anyone else had it??????
What’s the best company? I’ve been looking at
Australian skin care (I think it’s called) they seem to be in all the shopping centres at the moment ....

Pro if you get medical grade laser it lasts forever
It ends up a lot cheaper than waxing
It hurts (but only for a little bit) have you ever had a tattoo it kinda feels like that and you can smell the hair burning
The next day I always break out in a rash and it's super itchy but I treat with pure aloe