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Getting a marina (iud)

How much do they cost?
Do I need a referral from a gp?
In Brisbane if that differs outcome. Want it done for period pain - not contraception purposes.


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It seems like every woman responds so differently you wouldn’t have any idea whether it would be the best or worst decision for YOU until you give it a try.
For me personally, I don’t like the idea you need to leave it in for a few months if it’s not agreeing with your body (until your body adjusts as they say) so I def would not get one

 If you do want it out, don't let doctors bully you into keeping it in. Either lie about when you had it in or say you want to get pregnant. You shouldn't be forced to keep in something that is hurting your body.
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I have had mine for 2 years and I have had no horror symptoms. I have had weight gain and just feel sluggish all the time, not sure if its my depression or Mirena doing it but I'm thinking of having it taken out to see how I feel.

 Id say that's the mirena. It literally makes your body think you are pregnant so its not suprising you get pregnancy symptoms.
I had that with mine plus bad back pain. Took it out and all the symptoms were gone straight away. Didn't get to lose my period though, I actually bled heaps. Grrr

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Best thing for period - i stopped having then. Unfortunately the mood is unbearable. Since i had mine out yes the bleeding is terrible but worth not being so angry, hateful and resentful all the time. So my experience was good and bad.

 I feel like that with Implanon. The GP didn't believe it was the Implanon, but I have heard a few people say they felt like that.
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 It makes me so mad when doctors don't believe what their patients are telling them, especially when huge numbers of women report the same thing.
Wouldn't happen to a man.

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I paid $38 plus consultation fee for gp and it was all over in 15 minutes, No pain no periods no cramps for 13 years now, I'm on my third one. I don't understand why people need to see Gyno to have it inserted, no worse than a pap smear.

 Ive had 3 kids and it hurt heaps. But it only hurts for about 5 minutes.
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 I had the same cost as the initial person and the same to have it removed about 6months just made me sooo angry!? I was having angry dreams and all sorts of things and I’m a very relaxed person ...the price made life easy for me to try, call your local practice to ask..I’m in Perth
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Give it a shot but it certainly doesn't solve everyones issues. I got so many side effects from it.

I get cramps now that I never had before the Mirena. 😢 My periods are also longer but slightly lighter (more average than heavy like they were). I wouldn’t have another one put in after this.

I had horrid period pain and horrid periods. Super heavy bleeding for like 10 days minimum. I was refered to a gyno who looked into it, ordered internal ultrasounds etc. Turns out my uterine lining (or something, forgotten it was years ago" was 5x thicker than normal. So I was put to sleep, had a d&c and Mirena inserted. I still get my period every month and pain but I'm assuming now this is a normal period. Not what i had haha

 Just realised i didn't exactly answer haha. I went public (no wait time) so I just paid $39 for the actual Mirena and took it with me on the day of the procedure. No other costs. Good luck xx
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I would ask for a referral to a gynaecologist about the bad period pain as it is not normal and they will be able to help you with an iud