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Do you send cards to people when they have a baby ?

My in laws send cards even though some family members dont acknowledge the card
My mum wants me to send a card to my 2nd cousin for having her 5th baby at age 25
Before mum never told me to send card
Mum also sends cards and no acknowledgment


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No, this is why we have facebook haha.
When my sister had my nephew I sent flowers to her hotel room but other than that just congrats on facey and go for a visit with a little outfit or something

 **Hospital room
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 Hotel room would be nice
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 My in laws or mum don’t have fb
Don’t use eftpos or atm

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If I’m giving a gift I will. I received so many cards with after first baby . Hardly any after my second.

I always send a card. I don't expect an acknowledgement, that's not why I send it and quite frankly new parents have more important things to worry about!

I’ve just given birth to baby number 3 2 weeks ago. I received a couple of cards attached to gifts but all were from people I don’t actually know. My husband knew them through work, they weren’t complete strangers 🤣. I didn’t expect any gifts or cards and nor do I usually send cards to others. Family and friends either sent a text or Facebook message and I’m ok with that.

I don't card. Waste of money. Also i throw them out when i get them. No i'm not putting it in a shoebox & sticking it in a cupboard.

 You can buy $1 cards
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Older generations still do it. The rest of us FB it, than say 'thanks' the same way. It's the same as Christmas cards. I do send some back to the aunts/uncles etc. to show I appreciate their card. It's not something to be weird about. Thankfully almost all are on FB now & abandoning the tradition!! Which is good because I don't remember how to post letters anymore!!