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What’s a good scary movie

I love horror movies but haven’t seen a scary one in a long time. What’s a good scary movie, preferably on Netflix or Stan?


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They don't make good scary movies anymore it's all torture porn

My wedding

 ahaha i love it !!!

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OP 😂😂
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Not a movie, but the haunting at hill house was a good, scary series. It's on netflix.

honestly i am yet to watch a scary movie, just recently watched the new movie Halloween it was supposed to be sooooo scary but it was far from it to me lol, i need something that'll make me shit my pants and i have not seen a movie that does so far

OP The previews looked pretty shit for the new Halloween so I didn’t bother. So many movies are like that, people say they’re so scary but at best they are funny, at worse tragic. I’m the same as you, haven’t found anything good for scares yet. Hopefully we get something 😂😂😂

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