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Primary school graduation

My 11 (almost 12) (thinks she's 19) year old daughter will be graduating primary school in December. The school hires a function centre and puts on lunch and makes a big deal which is nice I think.
My question is what would be an appropriate dress for my daughter on such an occasion. She is quite tall at 150cm and wears adults size 12 clothes (she's solid). The age appropriate stuff in the girls section doesn't fit her, and the adults clothes that fit her all have added padding in the boobs or are just totally inappropriate.
What do kids wear these days? Would I be better off finding someone to make something in the style of a kids dress but in a bigger size?


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Thank you so much everyone. I may be able to tackle this without heart failure now!

My 13 year old graduated last year. She wore a maxi dress with a slightly padded bust. I was concerned about too much padding and it being too inappropriate. I altered it to ensure it wasn't too low, added a statement necklace to cover up a little more skin and she wore a short shrug since she likes her arms covered. The school did send out a note saying nothing too short or inappropriate. Her graduation was held at night though and they went out for dinner afterwards. She has been able to wear her dress several times since and probably will again once the weather heats up.

My daughter is going to hers in a really beautiful slightly formal dress we got at Myer sz 14

For year 6 something that she would wear out for a nice dinner would be suitable.

I don't think it would need to be a formal dress or cocktail dress. Whatever she wears dress it up with some jewellery, nice shoes and a hair do.

Its not down to age really but personality. If she's girly then probably a skater style skirt with a higher neck or looser top. Colours, accessories and shoes is what ages it. Myers, kmart, pumpkin patch, asks, boohoo... Colour is key to keep it young.