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Do you cook for your partner and his kids when your kids are at their dads ?


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What an odd question. I just find it really weird that someone would do stuff for their biological children only and not children brought into the relationship. Shouldn’t the kids be treated the same??

 I am studying full time and want to myself
Their dad can cook for them
His kids hate me and want a break from cooking

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 Gee I wander why they hate you.
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 They hated me from day one
I tried being nice and got abused

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Sure - if I consider them part of my family.

 My kids are their dads sometimes when my step kids come over
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I think if you have a chat with your partner he would possibly understand that you need a night off cooking and need to study. However, he may also feel like you wont cook for his kids but you will your own so it may open the gates to an uncomfortable discussion. Kids don't just hate a person there are reasons behind it, whether from you or their mother but either way maybe family counselling with you all involved will help you get along better? Having an unhappy home is not healthy and only creates more drama that is unnecessary. But I would probably cook for them still as I would still probably want dinner myself.

 I cook for his kids when my kids are home
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 But they obviously notice that you don’t when it’s just them. Probably why they hate you. They see you only involve them if your kids are there. That can damage young kids. Don’t be mean.
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 Don't be a slave, unless he cooks for you don't cook for him.
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Tell him to get takeaway on the way home - your done with cooking or find simpler things to have.

Step dad cooks all meals in our house.

 Even when his kids aren’t around ?
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 Yep all meals. I might cook once a week. So he mostly cooks for me and my kids. He's a good hubby ♥
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Its your duty as a wife and step mum you lazy bugger.

 F**k off
The 1950’s are calling you
Hubby can cook he’s not an old fashioned man

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