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Pregnant with my bosses baby

My boss and I have been having an affair for 3 years. He is married and so am I. He gave me a promotion recently and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant with his child. I really wanted this promotion but unsure if I should take it given I will need to take maternity leave in another 7.5 months. I’m going to tell hubby it’s his baby and lie about dates so they match with him. That isn’t an issue. Just need advice on what to do about the promotion.


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I’m the boss’s wife and she is welcome to his fat arse. 3 years ago her husband told me about their affair and he has been helping me get all my husbands assets under my name. We did have a 5 year plan but happy enough to wind it up early. Doesn’t matter if she takes the promotion or not - the business will be gone before she spawns their brat 🤣 Oh, and the refinancing you signed last year? SHOULD HAVE READ THE PAPERS B*TCH! You cheat - you forfeit 😂😂😂 Don’t even have to get proof now. Just have to suck it out of your spawn. Good job.

This is really awkward because I'm the boss and my wife is her sister

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Hope your boss is black or dark skin and baby looks like your baby daddy

Next time you have sex take photos, you can use them to blackmail your boss. You can have the promotion and lots of money. How much is he worth?

Ignoring all the other stuff your question brings up... They can't discriminate against you for being pregnant regarding job positions, so if you want the position take it. If you are entitled to maternity leave, it's not your problem what they'll do while you are on leave.