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Stories of perfect children

My son got hit at school. The class and the teacher witnessed it but the mother of the boy said he didn’t do it because he said he didn’t and her boy doesn’t lie. A friends son is friend with my son ( different son ). She wanted our boys separated in class because she blames my sons distractions for her son not doing well in class. I had parent teacher interview and the teacher told me my son was being distracted by her son so she separated them. The other boy is still not doing well and my boy is excelling. Why do some parents think their kid can do no wrong? It annoys me so much. I always question my kids and listen to both sides of stories, I never assume my kid is innocent.


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I think that some parents don't want to face up to their kids short comings as it puts the spot light on them and their own parenting. Easier to deny than put put the blame on themselves.
I also think that some parents think that they are showing support for their child by always being on their side but in my opinion that is misguided. You can still be supportive whilst giving discipline and helping them to learn from mistakes.
My eldest is ASD, with an intelligance disability and various other things thrown in for good measure. He is often both the victim and the perpertrator and it can be hard to find the line sometimes between wanting to defend them and give that support and having to admit that your kid has done the wrong thing and that it is on you.
But you are right, it is important to keep an open mind and find out all the facts before jumping to conclusions especially when dealing with kids, who tend to distort things.

Ah yes I know what you mean... I had a friend whose daughter (only child) pushed over my 2yr old, my 3 older kids all saw it and the 2yr old was crying but this kid was adamant she hadn't done anything and her mum tried to tell me my kids must have seen wrong (all 3 of them) because her child wouldn't lie.
Needless to say we're no longer friends with them

Same as parents who insist their kid is toilet trained.. yet having accidents all day, everyday. They’re not trained, love. 🤯

 I agree. However, not having your child fully trained by a certain age comes with a lot of judgement. Perhaps these parents are saying their child’s is trained when they are not to avoid judgement? It’s probably one of the more sensitive parenting issues.
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 It’s doing their kids an injustice though, trying to convince everyone they’re trained when not. How the hell are they meant to have a good day at preschool for eg when they have to worry about peeing their pants when they can’t help it, but idiot mother has told directors they’re trained?
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 I’m not disagreeing with you. Just saying this is probably why.
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 It’s obvious why they do it?
Laziness is no excuse.

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 ^ and there exactly is why parents who have children not yet trained might lie about it. In some cases yes, laziness.... in other cases could be a physical reason, an intellectual disability that might not be so obvious to you, or simply a very stubborn kid who is just not ready. Instead of automatically assuming laziness, give the parent the benefit of the doubt and assume any number of reasons.
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 My 10 year old wets the bed, and the other day he TOOK A SHIT IN HIS PANTS because he didn't want to stop doing whatever fun thing he was doing at the time... Smh
But that has nothing do to with me being lazy.

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They are at every school! My MIL is one too, my partners siblings were all still in primary school/high school when I met them and she was constantly at the school to abuse a poor teacher for what they have said or done to her precious child. One of them got caught smoking at school and she instantly blamed another child that was there and denied her son had anything to do with it. Even went to this poor girls house and abused the crap out of her parents and told them they need to sort their kid out before she tries to get more kids in trouble with her bad habits. She got suspended but he didn't. It was later proven her son had been stealing them from MIL and taking them to school to share with other kids. So many more examples of that, she is crazy. She tried it a few times with my kids school, even taking my child out of class one day but they refused to discuss anything with her and partner was told to stop telling her things. Some parents just go into attack mode from the start, like how dare you think my child was misbehaving even though they do it all the time at home 😂