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Has anyone here had a baby in their 40s (especially if you are now a few years older)

freaking out! I have missed a period and suspect I am pregnant at 41! I have 8year old twin girls, no other kids.
What is it like to have a baby in your 40s? Is it more dangerous? Did you have to do anything different in your pregnancy than when you were younger?
If you have older kids, what did they think of it all?
Thanks for sharing.


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If you have 8 year old girls, I can't be sure but I'd imagine they'd love a new sibling. I am almost 40 and fell pregnant unexpectedly...she is 5 months now and my kids absolutely adore her. My eldest is 11 and she was an amazing help! My pregnancy was more tiring than the others and I did have an iron infusion towards the end but apart from that all good.

I had my first at 40, second at 41, both are teens now, all good. Great being a older Mum.

My second was born when I was 41. Planned pregnancy , conceived naturally after 2 cycles. Easy pregnancy until I developed pre eclampsia at 37 weeks and was induced. Also, natural birth. Very blessed at my age really. . But yes, the risks are higher and I was closely monitored by my OB.

My first was 3 years old when she was born so I can’t comment on the second part of your question about older kids and how they coped etc.

Mmmm high chance of twins again 🤪🙈🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Maybe do a test before you freak out.

 OP - pretty sure I am as I feel sick in the morning, but I got a false negative with my girls so Im waiting a couple of weeks.
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