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If you lose custody of your kids to CPS what happens when you become pregnant again?

A relative of mine has lost custody of her 2 toddlers and is not allowed contact with them. She's pregnant again so I'm wondering if she will be monitored? Will they take this one too? So far she hasn't had any prenatal care and I'm concerned it's her way of flying under the radar...


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You should report her if she doesn’t do the right thing. That child deserves better

Her lack if prenatal care will trigger an investigation if the baby is not born 100% healthy.

OP OP here- I think she's not getting any prenatal care as a way of the authorities not finding out she's pregnant. She plans on having an unassisted home birth...
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I know a case where the mother continued to have two more babies AFTER her other 6 kids were removed from custody. My poor grandma was the carer of three of those kids (my uncles) and was offered a newborn (not knowing if it was his baby or not), so now she is raising four kids at retirement age. The mother simply left the hospital an hr after giving birth because she knew she wasnt allowed to keep bub AND she wanted to go get high. Sad sad world. She had another after that but nan couldnt take on a fifth baby :-( Sadly she will probably have more due to her complete inability/disregaurd to USE CONTRACEPTION.

A friend had her 2 kids taken by DHS, when she gave birth to her next baby DHS was notified and her new baby was taken from her too. She then had baby no 4 and that baby was taken too until
The mother proved she was able to take care of the kids. 3 years on and DHS is still a part of their lives......

OP This is my concern. I feel like this is a "replacement baby" for her
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Her baby will have a red alert with all hospitals in australia. She can not get a birth certificate hemce centrelink (usually a prob for theses mothers) without getting someone to sugn papers to reg birth. She would have a better chance of keeping it if she got pre natal care and proved herself. They all think they can fly under the radar! !!

 Every child is treated as a different case too. The mothers history supports that case. I know mothers that lost 6-7 kids to docs but still had more they are able to keep. Usually under close monitoring
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 6-7 kids to docs and they have more 😡 They should be forcibly sterilised.
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 I agree but obviously that is not what happens.
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It would be in her best interest to start working with them now, new policies (at least in nsw) mean caseworkers can start supporting the parent even before bubs is born, that way she will have a better chance of keeping Bub.

Not true that nothing happens. If her children were taken and she is not allowed contact, she must have done something pretty bad. Generally in those sorts of cases the baby is taken at birth.
Contact CPS to ask them what their regulations are. Maybe tip them off about the pregnancy.

 It's not that nothing happens they are treated case by case
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I knew a girl who had her first child taken from her and the second was taken at birth. Both went into a relatives care and she could still see them but not look after them.

Depends on the reasons why the children were taken from her and if she has addressed those reasons. If she wants this baby, she needs to prove that she is a responsible adult. Otherwise, you need to report her, not least so that tge baby receives proper pre-natal care and birth.

From personal experience tell her to go to have prenatal care and not miss one because as soon as she goes to the have the baby they will call CPS rights in there because of lack of prenatal care I know I got my kids taken because of it