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Freezing food

Do you freeze tubs of butter or milk ?

Do you freeze cooked rice or mash ?


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I freeze bottles of left over marinades. That way I get 2 uses out of it

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 I'm going to say to avoid waste maybe?
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 I do this too. It saves wasting food
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 I freeze almost everything that I can get more use out of
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I cook bulk meals and freeze. It's cheaper & quicker. I hate cooking every day.

I'll freeze leftover rice & sauces as we try to save money by not throwing food out, but don't freeze milk or butter. Don't have the room.

 Same here. Occasionally freeze cheese.
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 Hate cooked frozen food
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I prefer to buy fresh

 I live 300 km from woolies
I shop every 6 weeks if I need something quick I go to servo

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Sometimes. I find Milk freezes well and like to keep an extra litre in the freezer for emergencies. I’m not a fan of uht milk, it tastes funny to me.
I only freeze rice if I’ve got a lot leftover. I’ll only freeze mash if a make a shepherd’s pie for the freezer.

Ive frozen rice when I’ve made too much. It reheats perfectly. I’ve frozen butter if it was on a good sale. I haven’t needed to freeze the other items.

Yes i sometimes freeze milk, defrosts well and have frozen rice and mash, both also defrost well, i add a splash of milk to the mash before reheating it. I also make a loaf’s worth of ham and cheese sandwiches, use them for quick toasties when i cant be fkd.

 I freeze cheese too
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My parents used to freeze cartons of milk.

 mine too 🤣
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