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Grocery shopping

Do you prefer to go in store or do it online? Why?


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In store. Tried online a few times but every single time they stuffed something up or there were items missing so had to go into the shop anyway. I like getting out of the house anyway, and my kid love helping with grocery shopping

Online sucks, almost every time u get an out of stick notice at the last minute so have to go to the supermarket any way. Also like to choose my own fruit and veg, and like to get the milk etc that isn't about to expire!!

Instore, because its an excuse to get out the house and hubby watches the kids 😂

I hate grocery shopping in store, but always feel so guilty if I do it online as it's so much more expensive.

But I love grocery shopping online...

I do a bit of both. Coles makes it hard as they have jacked up there prices for online shopping, on some things there can be a big difference, especially when you compare prices and really adds up at the end. ww prices are same as in store.

I prefer online I get stressed out in store having to be around people and always forget something or can't find things plus I have 4 kids so it's awful taking them. If it's just a few things I need then I send my husband to the store

I shop online. Love it. Saves me so much time and I can watch my spending. I don't think I've been inside a store for the past 6 years. No I'm not kidding.

Depends on what kind of week we are having. If we are having a good week then I will shop in store. On a bad week (kids sick, me sick + pregnant) then I shop online. That is only for fridge and pantry stock. I have a fully stocked freezer of meat so I can always make meals out of that. Fruit and veg I shop at the local fruit and veg store cause it's better quality and cheaper.

I go in store. I need interaction with the outside world.

I do click and collect for all the pantry items and do the fresh food myself at another supermarket because I like to pick my own fruit and veg and meat

I do both. With a baby and a toddler I love shopping online. So much quicker and less stressful but if I only need a couple of items like bread or milk I will still visit the shops.

I only buy a handful from woolies/ Coles, things like nappies cleaning products a few food itemS (musli bars for kindy, sauces, cheeses, frozen fruit for smoothies and sometimes maybe biccis for hubby.) and buy my veggies from the fruit shop/weekend markets and since hubby is basibly the only meat eater I buy from the butcher cos I can just get one serve of everything.

I've never even considered on line grocery shopping.

Sometimes going to the shops is inconvenient, but you can pick up extra sales, clearance items, etc... in store.