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Does anyone have any tips on teaching kids to be appreciate of things? We live in such a fast paced disposable world and it seems impossible. 😩


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only give them the basics in life and make them Earn the extras from chores don't giving them everything raises self entitled brats that turn into self absorbed adults

 Yes! It really is this simple. My exes siblings were extremely spoilt when they were little, whatever they wanted they got. They didn't have to earn it. Now they are adults they are very arrogant, self entitled human beings. I know young adults who come from a very rich family who are just lovely down to earth people who don't take anything for granted and know how lucky they are because they had to earn everything that was a "want". People seem to think that rich kids are automatically spoilt and poor kids aren't, but its not that at all, it's what gets put on a platter for them.
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If they break something, don't immediately buy them a replacement.