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18month touching himself

Sorry to ask, how normal is this for a boy and do they grow out of it or do you need to openly discourage?


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It’s very normal. Dont discourage it. But do start encourage him to do it in private. 18 months old, it’s an exploration of their body parts and nothing more.

Its completely normal and if told off probably wouldn't grasp the concept of what been told off for

My sons do this i swear they will rip it off. We are teaching about private bodys and privacy. But my 4 year old thinks its hilarious to run around with his penis sticking out saying look at my penis mummy.... #mumofboys

OP here- Thanks everyone! I knew I could count of you all :)

 Your welcome have a happy new year op
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 You too :)
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Totally normal. Just tell him hands off it in front of other people. His private parts are for him in private

I'd like to say it goes away but it takes a LONG time. I still occasionally have to remind 8 and 11. 3 just holds on to it like it might run away lol

Totally normal, explain to do it at home as these are private parts. I agree with the other posters gently remind don’t tell him off.

Completely normal. Now start teaching about private things being done in private. In my experience, men never grow out of it.

Tell him off if he does it in public or around other people

 Don't do this
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 Please don’t tell him off. He needs to learn when it’s appropriate yes but making him think he’s doing something bad isn’t going to teach him that,
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