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Stole that bi****s baby name. Apparently.

My husbands brother and his girlfriend are having a baby girl.

My husband and I recently bought our daughter a puppy and last night I shared a picture of the puppy and the name my daughter chose for it on facebook.
This morning I woke up to a barrage of nasty messages (more than 30 in a row) from my BILs girlfriend claiming we are horrible, awful, despicable people for stealing their baby name.

The thing is though..
we didn't know the baby had a name chosen, in fact no one did except them!

I'm really angry about the aggressive messages, she's probably hormonal and shit but they were way over the top, she called me a fat whore and a bad mother, among a lot of other things.

Had she told us kindly that she was upset because that was their secret baby name I would have sympathethised and changed it but NOW she's really made me angry and I'm considering telling her to go fuck herself.

She's texted sporadically all day about it and I've ignored her lo

Anyway, What would you do?


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Your niece or nephew will be so grateful to you in the future. No one wants to be named Fido.

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Oh for fu**s sake, change the dogs name. Giggle and tell your daughter that her puppy would never want the same name as her cousin and giggle every time you call the baby ruby!

Take a snap shot of the nasty crap she has sent and have your husband send it to his brother with a message that you have not responded because that is what you have woken up to.
She is hormonal and her partner is away which is stressful at this time. Not an excuse for her but a good reason for you not to react.

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I'm curious, whats the name?

OP Ruby
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 That’s my nieces name
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 That is a very popular dogs name!
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 Well she will be very disappointed to know that every 2nd child has that name. There are 2 rubys in my kids kindi class alone
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I would change the name and get your husband to call his brother and tell him about the messages. I wouldnt responded to her. Just ignore her for now.......

 Don't change the name. Don't give in to what she wants.
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 Yes but playing childish along with her isnt good either. Be different if she wasnt pregnant. Then I wouldn't. Sometimes you gotta be a grown up and suck it up. It's only a name.
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 Yes it’s only a name. But SIL has been the childish one. Maybe if she had approached OP in a more reasonable manner it would be fair for OP to consider it. But to send the kinds of messages like she did and then giving in and changing the name is like giving in to a child’s temper tantrums.
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 OP isn’t playing childish with her. OP is doing the right thing, and ignoring her messages. Must be tempting to throw her back insults when she calls an 8 year old kid selfish and vindictive. she absolutely should not give into SIL’s demands.
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OP It's really difficult to restrain myself from replying.
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 This is so horrible she is crazy. Has she by ajuchand go it in her mind that she did tell you indirectly on the past? Because it sounds like she has and that's the game changer in her mind. Not blaming you buon just make sure you rule it out, because she's probably telling everyone who'll listen except you
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 Actually you know what. You should pick up her missed call for goodness sake and actually talk to her? Obviously you look poor for not doing so and just messaging back like kid
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OP I'm ignoring her so that I don't upset her with my response 😂 it's less childish than what would come out of my mouth right now.
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Don’t change the puppy’s name. I think even if you did, she wouldn’t use it anyway just to piss you off. Definately make sure your brother knows about the messages.

No way would I change the puppys name after her performance. She can still use the name for the baby or she can pick a different one. The baby isn't even born yet and not like it's the last name left on the planet. Pregnant or not does not excuse someone for being a bitch.

Guess your mind reading skills were off when you named the dog 😂

I would start looking online for a very cute onesie with puppy dog ears and a little fluffy tail. Or a stuffed toy dog? Maybe the Spot books as a gift? Man, you could mine this for present ideas for years!!!

Joking obviously but funny to think about...

OP Her would actually explode.
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OP Her head**
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 I'd say do it.,🤣🤣 this is fantastic
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Be the bigger person and change the name but make it obvious that her name calling was horrendous pregnancy is NOT an excuse.

 And also highlight that there was no way you knew, you wouldn’t have done it if you knew. Just so she knows you didn’t ‘steal’ it.
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Continue to ignore her childish crap. No one ‘owns’ a name a name (unless you made it up) so how on earth can you steal it? Hopefully the hormones will settle and she will see what a complete tool she has been and apologise.

 I don't think you can blame that sort of behaviour on hormones. She's clearly just a bitch
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 Probably the kind of women who blames everything on pregnancy hormones too
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She can still use the name. I can understand it would feel weird at first and she would be feeling a bit disappointed, but she needs to stop acting like a psycho.
Don't respond at all, but keep a record of everything. Make sure that your brother in law knows what's happened - I'd also make sure my parents in law knew for future reference. Because apparently, if you do something she doesn't like innocently and unintentionally, she will be poisonous. People don't change so watch your back with this one and always keep the evidence.

Ring your brother and ask him if he knows about the vitriol she's spewing. If he has no idea, explain to him that it was really inappropriate and if she ever mouths off at you like that again, you're done with her. If he does know, and worse still if he condones that filthy behaviour, cut contact with them. I'm guessing this is their first baby. Hopefully she calms down during motherhood, cos she sounds batshit crazy.
I'm pregnant right now, as is my SIL, and if she was to use my baby names that I've picked out, I'd be disappointed for a moment, but then move on. There's no need to be ridiculous about it. It's not as though there are only 4 names in the entire world. There are fu****g thousands. She needs to grow up.

No updates. Maybe op is in the watch house after loosing her shit 😂😂😂

Id probably change the name for your husbands sake, but in the future I would limit the amount of time I spent with her. That type of abusiveness is never ok.