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Claiming centrelink assistance while pregnant

Before I begin:
*yes I know I should just call them/check their website (I have done both and at the moment would rather shove my face in a blender than go through that again)
*yes I am aware that this is a first world problem but there's no harm in asking
*don't bother trolling me, I'm hormonal and tired and just can't deal right now.

Okay, so I'm currently expecting our 3rd child. We receive no family tax benefits or parenting payments at the moment (by choice). But times are getting tough financially. I'm on some serious medication and it costs us a lot. I've been looking for work everywhere and haven't had any luck. Does anyone know if theres a payment or something that could help cover the costs of the medication? It's essential while I'm pregnant for the health of both me and the baby. I don't want a big hand out, just a little help. Gah I'm so tired I can't even get my words to make good sentences. I hope this makes sense.


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Go into a Centrelink office and apply. You have to line up, but at least you will get a chance to sit down face to face with someone.
Some of the staff are really good.
Take enough food and drink to last a few hours, as you might have to sit and wait for a while, but you will get seen. You know what its like to need something to drink or eat, and not be able to get it, when you are pregnant !
Write down the essential facts on a piece of paper to take in with you in case you get a case of "babybrain" and forget to tell them stuff when you are sitting in front of them.

You need to apply for whatever you are entitled to, as soon as possible, as once the forms have been filled out, even if it takes a while to grant a payment, it will only be backdated to the day you applied - not before, however much you might have got if you had applied earlier.
You will find out what you are entitled to, and you should apply for family tax benefit and parenting payment, as the tax system is organised with top ups by benefits for those who need them.
If you or your partner have been paying tax from your earnings, if you are entitled to the benefits, it is socially acceptable to be claiming them; in fact downright silly not to.
Even a health care card for low income (which I think exists), will help with the medication. I think they can grant emergency payments that are later taken off whatever money comes through to you.
Hope that helps.

 Thank you, you have been very helpful ☺
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 not necessarily will you speak face to face with someone I have gone into a centrelink building for them to only put me on the phone.
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 Yes they get annoyed if you go in there without ringing or going online first. They redirect you to the computers or phones first.
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 These practices must vary around the country, because my local office is great for face to face. Never been pushed away. Centrelink is under great pressure from government under funding and attempts to downsize them, so they struggle, and then can be made to look incompetent, all to justify outsourcing them to an international company like Serco (yes, who run prisons and detention centres around the world).
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 I think the eventual goal is to downsize them and consolidate even more departments in the one building, hence the push for all the wonderful stuff you can now do online or over the phone. My office has a corner of computers and a few phones, I assume they all do, if you don't need to see a person you get redirected to this with a staff member to help you if needed. I doubt highly it will go overseas, they are federal departments I have never heard of that happening in any country.
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Stop being too proud and just claim the payments. You will probably find they will backpay you the ftb they probably owe you thousands! They won't give you any other payment but you may be eligible for a health care card if hubbys income is below a certain amount. The money is a safety net so your kids don't go without, if you can't afford medication what other necessities are you struggling with?

 Thanks for your advice. It's not being proud though. We've managed fine on our own until this point, so I didn't feel right taking assistance unnecessarily. There are people out there who need it more and when I'm not on this medication we get by alright. With another baby on the way though, we may end up needing the extra help, we'll have to see.
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Not sure about money to help with medication but if you are entitled to family tax benefits you cam claim a small portion of it amd still get the rest in a lump sum at tax time you dont have to claim the whole amount each fortnight

 Thank you ☺
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 Yes you can get back paid ftb from July 1 And you might even get parenting payment partnered. Just apply online. I work for Centrelink in policy Please

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