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Hi all have same problem I have ugly toes &. If feet .. three of my toes are all long . I never wear open toe shoes hence conscious of it and my 3 toes hang over the top ... any ideas .


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Get a pedicure, and challenge yourself to wear open toed shoes somewhere.
Just because you have some funky toes doesn't mean you can't be fabulous. Look at Meghan Fox and her funky toe like thumbs. And she's still awesome.
Who cares if other people even notice your feet. If they don't like it, they can pay for cosmetic surgery to fix it, or they can lube up their assholes and you can shove it up there. F**k them. Unless they're perfect, they have no right to mention your apparent flaws (I don't see it as a flaw but you seem to).

 Agree! You can’t do much about your toes. You can prettynthem up as suggested above and totally own them. long reign the ugly toe!
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What about the peep-toe look? It's cute and more flattering to us odd footed girls. Hubby calls me "hobbit feet."

 Hubby sounds like he needs a slapping. Hobbit feet. What a bastard
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 lol I think it’s a fun way to laugh at the ugly feet. I have them too!
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I hear Jodi from SAHM can help you out with a power drill 🙊

Just relax, most people don't even look at feet. I think only those with foot insecurities notice feet....

I have tryed peep to but my second toe seems to always poke through with it ... ahhhhh

Did you know there is s cekebrity site called wikifeet

Chop them down so they're smaller.

 Toe reductions are the new rage.
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Try diff styles of heels. The peep toe is a great option. And you’d be surprised at what a glam pair of heels does to deflect attention away from odd looking toes! Even try an anklet!