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Is my husband leaving us?

Answered 10 months ago

I married my husband after 2 years of dating and we've been married for almost 4 years. When money started going and he was acting secretive after 2 years of marriage he informed me he'd been buying womens clothing because he wants to be a women. I told him I want a husband not a wife and I'd no longer be attracted to him if he did. He said he wasn't sure if he really wanted to be a women and he'd get counseling. Now he is still hording women's things and he just got a storage unit for all his things. I think/feel like he's just hording for his new life with out me and the three children we raise together. What do you think?

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10 months ago
I think they're confused & hiding their true identity, even from themselves, & everything that relates to that, possibly partly out of fear of losing their family. Possibly also because it's mentally very difficult for them, and you, to face.

I've known two couples to go through this & in both cases it was the wife who left. One wife fled interstate same day she discovered it, taking the kids so they never see their other parent at all (they're unable to fight it mentally). The other wife tried to stick it out as a couple but it didn't work & she's happy with someone else now.

So it doesn't necessarily mean he's hoarding to leave, or will abandon his children. It's a difficult situation & you & possibly your kids will need counselling support as well.