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What chores do your teenagers do around the house?

I have a 15 yr old boy who does diddly squat at home in regards to chores. I’m looking to change that.
Curious to know what other teenagers are required to do around the house.
Do you have a list on the fridge telling them what to do? Do you reward them financially?


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My teens don't have a set written list of chores to complete but they are expected to keep their bedrooms clean (beds made everyday etc), put their clean clothes away that I have folded/ hung on hangers and take rubbish/ recycling out. They do other jobs when asked like put clean dishes away, do the dishes, put washing on, take laundry off the line, sweep the floor. They don't get a set or regular allowance.

My 14 year old son also does diddly squat. He takes out garbage and empties dishwasher but not without constant follow up. My 16 year old daughter fills dishwasher, prepared meals, does laundry and anything else I ask of her, she also does stuff without being reminded. They get pocket money in line with their consistency.

I kept my room clean, I would help with setting the table, doing the dishes. Once a month I cleaned the bathroom (my siblings did it the other times) I used to vacuum every Sunday. My brother used to take the trash out and do the mowing and my sister would do some washing. But this was never asked of us. We just liked to help out. My parents worked alot, they provided for us so that was us helping them.

Regularly they are responsible for vacuuming, taking out the trash, cleaning the kitty litter, and keeping their rooms clean. They help us out with any other household chore if we need it. They get an allowance for doing their chores.My oldest mows the yard but he is paid extra for that.