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Do you celebrate Halloween ?


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Absolutely. We live in a small town and a majority of us decorate houses and have lollies/treats for the kids. Some houses get really into it, we had a house of horrors last year. My youngest is 11 this year so I will let him walk with his friends without me this year. Saying again, we live in a small town and everyone knows everyone so no concerns with safety or the kids running a muck.

Yeah i can't get passed encouraging the children to knock on strangers doors to ask for candy. Seems like the opposite of you should be teaching them. My children are still pretty young so we dress up & do a treasure hunt with lollies or chocolate I've hidden around the house. Watch kids Halloween stuff & have tacos or nachos for dinner because it's the day of the dead in Mexico (any excuse for Mexican in our house). I may not agree with all of it but it's still a good way to teach them about different cultures.

It used to annoy me that Australia has latched onto all these American consumerist 'holidays'. But now I've decided eh, it's fun and the kids like it. We just do a bit of a low key funny dress up night with my brother's kids, and hand out lollies to people who come to the door.

Kind of, I take the kids for a walk around our neighbourhood trick or treating and looking at the decorated houses

 We do this too. Kids seem to love it. It brings them joy to dress up, to knock and get chocolates on this one day or the year, and we have had great neighbours that have dressed up themselves or dressed up their yards so it’s easy to see who partakes and those that don’t ; don’t have to.
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