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Hospital stay after labor

Due to have my baby very soon and wondering what things to pack in my hospital bag. Things that came in real use for them?


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Do what I did. Go in to labour, spend an hr throwing clothes in a bag, an hr hugging your older child because it will be the first time you're leaving them, go to hospital, have baby 2 hours later then send your mum home to grab your toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner, pillow and extra food because the hospital gives you no where near enough 😂.

Really but you'll need:
A couple of changes of clothes
Comfy pjs
Grab a few different outfits for bub
Nappies and wipes (hospital may provide these, mine did)
Swaddle blankets (again, hospital may provide)
Your own toilet paper (TRUST ME)
Maternity pads (again, hospital may provide)
Feeding pillow (boob or bottle, this will be VERY handy)
Body wash
Makeup (if you're in to that)
I suggest using hospital towels (there will be blood and they are better equipped to get it out)
A pump bottle full of water (to squirt on your lady bits while peeing, that stings like a bitch if you tear during birth)
And snacks. You will be hungry.

I'm probably forgetting a couple of things, but I was in for over a week with my first so I had to send my ex to go get me a few things. 2nd bub I was in at about 10pm on the Sunday and home by 10am on the Tuesday.

Water bottle, Lip balm, mints/lollies/snacks and phone charger.
Your fave shampoo/conditioner - that first shower is heaven.
Lots of maternity pads, knickers and comfy pants.
Boobie pads, a bra/crop top with Boobie access, a couple of comfy tops and a jumper.
At least a half dozen nappies, a few singlets and a few onesies, socks, mittens (if the onesies don't have fold down ones), at least 2 Swaddles/blankets/wraps, a couple of burp cloths for bub.
Socks - I always get cold feet at hospital :P
When bub was sleeping and I couldn't I was bored as f**k! So something light but entertaining for you to fill in time - a couple of take 5 mags or something (and a pen if you do the puzzles)

 You would not be bored when bubs is home
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 Sounds like a show bag.
Forget shampoo and conditioner for me- I could barely stand and the nurse had to help me rinse, dry and dress. Hellish at best.

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 ^^ exactly - so I made the most of the quiet, especially when in for an extra night with my third.

^ each birth experience is different. I loved my hot showers after whilst hubby or visitor kept an ear on bub. Loved washing my hair - made me feel like a human again 😂

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If breastfeeding make those breastfeeding cookies, as well as lots of snacks to eat for those late night feeds, a book, nice big undies and pads, thongs for the shower as well

I packed 2 bags. A small overnight bag with essentials for me and Bub plus a larger suitcase in case I had an unexpected longer stay ie emergency c-section. Only took the small bag when I was in labour and left suitcase at home. Never ended up needing the suitcase but it was good knowing family and friends wouldn’t have to rummage through my wardrobe if I had needed extras. It was just there ready for my husband to Bring in if needed.

I found I didn’t really need much for baby. Just a couple of singlets and onsies plus nappies and baby wipes. For yourself pack twice as many pants, underwear and pads as you think you’ll need. you might not need many but I had a PPH after the birth of my second and ended up with a catheter which caused a few more leaks and clothing changes than I anticipated.

 Thankyou that's a great idea.
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Best thing for me was I packed cordial!!! During labour water made me want to vomit so my husband kept making me cordials. Saved me!!!

Snacks! I always got hungry straight after birth and hospital food is gross

 Thankyou I will definitely pack that! 🙂
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 Yeah I wasn't prepared for how hungry you get in those first few days, I could have eaten twice as much as what hospital gives you. I'm one of the few that doesn't mind hospital food though, I just wanted more of it 😂.
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 I loved hospital food too...I don't know if I was just that hungry that I would eat anything or if it was that good (only time I have been in hospital is when I had my kids).
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 Gross was probably not the right word but I didn’t find it very nice. It wasn’t very flavoursome and I found it to be quite boring. Plus i gave birth around dinner time both time so by the time I got to the ward it was almost midnight so I was starving. The midwives managed to get some sandwhiches for me but that was all I had until breakfast and it wasn’t enough food to sustain me just after birth.
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Take some femfresh if you haven't packed it already.
Your poor vagina will be a bit beaten up if you have a vaginal birth and its crucial you keep it clean to help any wounds heal. It's also super gentle on your delicate skin.

 Any midwife worth their job would tell you not to use that stuff, it's awful and causes thrush. Plain soap and water is just fine
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 ^are you mental? Soap is way worse!!!!
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 Soap on ya gine? Thrush city.
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 Yeah after birth I didn't use anything other than water and pat it dry. You're just asking for trouble if you go putting stuff on/in your vagina after birth
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 Just water ladies
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  No woman on earth at any time in their life should use Femfresh..
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 Well my pussy is fem fresh!! Maybe you are just a stank a*s hoe 😁
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 HAha femfresh and full of thrush ewwww... vaginas are self cleaning
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I found i packed way to much every time! Take a hair dryer (for sure!) use it to dry your vag/bum after shower (midwife got me onto that!) ... defo snacks.... Something for your nipples, panadol, thongs for the shower, YOUR OWN PILLOW (you will love and remember me for this) .. good luck xxx

 Oops should have added, a spare shirt or something for your partner (if you have one)... you never know what is going to happen a fresh change for them is a good idea, 95% chance they will use it.
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 Yes, definitely a change of clothes for your partner. And chuck in a pair of board shorts or something so he can stand and support you in the shower while you labour. I spent hours in the bath and shower during my first labour.
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Lots and lots of maternity pads

 2 packs will be more then enough.. you prob wont even go thru one pack while in hospital
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 I agree 2 packs should be enough. I stayed just over 24 hours with each of mine and only went through one packet of pads while in hospital. Pack a second packet just in case.
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