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Is it ok for an 18 year old to message a 12 year old on social media?

An 18 year old girl with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder has started to chat with my 12 year old daughter. I feel it is inappropriate. I told my daughter how I felt. Any advice on what I can do?


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Firstly, no 12 year old should have social media.
Secondly, no - how does this 18yr old even know your child?
End this relationship IMMEDIATELY, the fact that you even need to ask this question is frightening.

Highly inappropriate! How did this association come to be? You’re the parent, tell your daughter to stop communication with said person or deactivate her social media.

People with mental health issues can be difficult to deal with for an adult. A child could find the behavior very confusing. End the relationship and surround her with people her own age that have behavior you want her to emulate.

Not appropriate at all. What does this 18yowitj mental health issues have in common with your 12yo? What you can do is take away your child’s social media because what 12 year old has Facebook or instagram or whatever? No.

Oh nooooooo, you need to stop that situation RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

It’s inappropriate for a 12 year old to be on social media. Address that as the first and foremost problem.

Depends on the situation ( if they were in a volunteer group or sport group together then it might be ok) but as a general rule I think inappropriate. If it were a boy would it be OK? Probably not so I think same rules apply for a girl.

My daughter is 14 and says there are loads of 18 year olds messaging kids her age for sex, or to encourage them to go drinking with them etc.

 Is it boys messaging girls? Its so weird, when I was 18 we wanted to hang out with older people, not kids.
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How does she know it really is an 18 year old girl with mental issues , prob a pedo wanking while he talks to her!!!