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Would you let your child play in their friends house if house smelled like cat piss and kitchen was filthy with dishes?

My son made a friend at school I went to meet his mum at her house and the house was putrid of cat piss and dirty dishes
She offered me a cuppa
I was like you must be bloody joking
Mum smokes inside
I said sorry have to go


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That's pretty disgusting. Having said that, I'm learning to not judge people or their lifestyle before I've had a chance to know them. We don't know her story and this may be a one off incident. At least I'd like to hope so. If your son is adament about being friends with the other child, then maybe invite the him and his mum to your house and you can get to know them in a clean, sanitary environment. Even then I would still be hesitant about letting my kid go over. Even if it were sqeaky clean, I think the smoking indoors is a deal breaker

 Both my parents smoked like trains indoors, and in the car. I have constant lung problems which I suspect is a result of their smoking, and confirmed as quite likely by my GP..
I have never smoked, the stench in the house and car just totally put me off cigarettes.
I was always car sick as a child, every trip. But I have never been car sick when there is no one smoking in the car.
So I would consider it a deal breaker too.

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I don't care about untidy. It annoys me more that friends keep pointing out how untidy their house is, or comparing it mine, which is (mostly) tidy.

However, filth is a deal breaker. So is smoking at all, let alone inside. I get seething mad when people smoke at playgrounds!

Sometimes the cat pee smell is from the cat litter. When our cat became elderly it stank each time she used it (kidney issues). She was 16 so we managed by changing it daily. However it's put me off ever owning another cat.

 I agree, there is a difference between untidy and unclean.
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 Unclean is an understatement 🤢
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I would never allow my children over there I would have the friend visit at your house and never discuss the state of his house or mother in front of him poor kids don't get a say in feral parents raising them

Maybe the cat piss was just a one-off thing and the dishes also. I don't own cats so don't know about the cat piss scenario - but sometimes I don't get time in the morning before school drops off to clean the kitchen and will just leave it until the arvy.

The smoking indoors thing would be a major NO for me. Both my husband and I are smokers but we NEVER smoke inside. It's a disgusting habit and so not fair on the kids to have to put up with that in their own home. We go outside, and stay outside.

I’m not keen on smoking indoors. Meet at a playground