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Kids Snacking

Answered 3 months ago

I am wanting some advice regarding snacking the kids are given protein rich meals and snacks. My question is what do you feed for snacks that isn’t junk food or sometimes food. I am not a nartzy but due to allergies we are a preservative and additive free household. Currently snacks are homemade youghurt, whole fruit cut up, veggie sticks with homemade dip or salsa, cheese and crackers. Lunches consist of leftovers really struggle for things to feed after school

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3 months ago
Sounds good. If you want the homemade dip to be more filling, make it hummus or white bean dip or guacamole. Eggs or porridge for breakfast is filling too. Homemade muesli bars, muffins (great way to use up bruised fruit), smoothies. Sometimes my kids are thirsty and think they’re hungry - so water first. Popping some popcorn is not super filling but keeps them entertained if I think they’re more bored than hungry until dinner.


3 months ago
Cheese? Nachos. Corn chips. Toast.