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Why do women put nudes on internet and are pissed off a Hacker or an ex shares the photos ?


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They aren't putting it on the internet- they are sharing it privately with a partner who then decides, once the relationship ends, to exploit her private images for revenge. She has not consented to those images being shared with the world.

If a person uploads images to the web on a public forum, that's her consenting to her images being shared. The key here is consent.

You gotta be a bit silly lets be honest. I would never let anyone take that kind picture or video of me for that very reason. Some of my exs got a bit vindictive & if they had that ammo i'm sure they would have used it. Trust no one except yourself.

because they are easy s,luts who deserve what they get.

 Wow. Just wow.
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Is this about Bella Thorne?

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 She’s a mess anyway. All the drugs and everything. It’s all about attention
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 So it's her fault?
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  Yes it is. Once it is in cyberspace it is there forever.
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 Never said it was her fault, I just stated the poor girl is a bit of a mess. No one wants to be hacked but you shouldn’t put yourself in that situation
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In my younger days I sent nude text msgs all the time! I don't think any of the guys I dated would have it in them to do it but there is the possibility there are nude pics of 18 yr old me on the net lol I send hubby nudes all the time too via text or fb messenger. To be honest I'd probably do what Bella did and post the pics if someone was threatening me and if the cops couldn't do anything.