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Am I able to claim for something?

I’ve never received a Centrelink payment because my husband earns $110,000 per year. I’ve lost my Part time job. My husband is still working but he is in sales and most of his pay was from commissions. His shop has been dead for three weeks now so he’s not earning what he used to. Can I ask for assistance or do we have to wait for the financial year to be up to show his lowered income? Not sure how this works as I haven’t received benefits before.


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Did you lose your job because of Covid? You might be eligible for the JobKeeper payment that was just announced.

I think you can look at Centrelink's website & even apply online. Goodluck.

 But do you know which benefit I apply for? I don’t understand them all. Newstart? Job seeker?
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 Jobseeker is the new name for Newstart allowance. You may be able to get parenting payment partnered.
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I think they still do income tests but not sure join Centrelink and other info on Facebook and they'll know!

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