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Anyone else enjoying jobkeeper?

Just curious, my casual pay has gone up and it feels nice to get a regular pay check, since I do work hard and work and don’t get paid often(after hour emails etc)- so it’s feels like a real job must be. Hate the Casualisation of the workforce


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I'm contracted to 38hrs full time in retail which means I can only work 25 hours now to earn exactly the $750 a week, they won't pay us more so I have taken a significant pay cut 😔 on the bright side it is very nice to see my part time and casual earning more money for less hours because our company literally just obliterated all their hours weeks before COVID and they work so damn hard! I have one lady that was so unfairly bullied down to 4 hours a week so now she does her 4 hours for $750! It is worrying what will happen to everyone after jobkeeper is finished though.

 You know what will happen. She knows too. I hope she's been saving.
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 You seem really lovely I love your outlook on this. I’m sure most people in your position would be jealous they are working less for more but your right people who get pushed into unforortunate positions deserve a beak.
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 Retail has taken a hit like a lot of businesses, with the economy slowing we are all making ends meet. You can’t really expect to get more hours if nobody is buying.
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I hate casualisation of the workplace and Im glad things are better for you but I think its a bit insensitive to use the word enjoying when so many people are facing losing their house for example.

 It wasn't meant to be insensitive and you know it.
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Hubby is. It makes no difference as he gets his normal pay. If anything, he's working more hours as work has increased. He works in finance so I think his employers knew how to take advantage of a temporary dip in work.

Save any extra $$ you're getting as a lot of people will unfortunately lose their jobs once Jobkeeker ends. We're in for a long, very rocky road.

I’m casual too but haven’t been stood back up. I’m loving being paid to do nothing. At the moment I’m busy trying to build my hubby’s business up cos I’m rather concerned I won’t have an actual job to go back to.

 Good idea, it isnt going to last.
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 Yes this breathing space is what I am appreciating. I am working still but knowing that I don’t have to work hardcore for those ‘hours’ to get paid is a different feeling. Unlike most(not all), full time work which has busy and quiet periods, I work hardcore, and then after hours too which is unpaid. It’s nice you get to have time to breathe and just think about your next step x
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No, my employer has made me increase my hours by double to “earn” my jobkeeper. Can’t wait till it finishes abs I can go back to my part time hours and just earn what I work for

 They're not meant to be able to do thag
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 Yes I thought that would be unreasonable for them to request.. check out the ATO forum.. I read on ABC employers getting in trouble for this but they didn’t initially know
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 Call the ato & report it! They are taking the piss out of doing this and are not allowed to and I have no doubt they know it!

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 They’re legally not allowed to do that
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I’m not eligible but a friend was and she had a good break as they had to shut the business she was working in. She exercised, concentrated on her studies and had time for herself, so it has worked for her.