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Cute pregnancy announcement

We've got 2 daughter's already and looking for a cute way to announce #3 that's not the standard "big sister promotion" etc


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Babe. Imma be real with you but don't think of it as being rude or offensive because I'm not meaning it to be a bitch - just real.
No one cares how you announce your pregnancy.
It means the absolute world to you, your husband and kids but in reality, the rest of the world doesn't really give a shit.

In saying that, if your doing this for your 2 baby girls as they've seen things on the internet etc - let them choose. It's a beautiful, special moment for yourself and your babes but the rest of the world doesn't really give a hoot so make sure it's something special and beautiful for you, and only you. Don't let the big hype of a stupid announcement take away from the precious little life that is entering your already beautiful family x

OP Yeah I defs agree with that. It's just for my girls, they are so excited. They've been nagging for years for a little brother or sister so they want to do something funny and cute together to announce :)
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 I'm happy you didn't take my comment the wrong way. I didn't mean it in a nasty way. Something that your girls put together themselves will make it more special x
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OP Not at all, I'm mature enough to take on some constructive criticism and I agree with you! My girls will love it :) xx
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A friend of mine put a pair of the siblings shoes side by side then a little pair of booties next to them.

I'm pregnant again!

So basic but in today's world it's rare just to get a simple birth announcement. My friend announced hers by complaining about nearly pissing herself while having her 12 week scan and that is by far the most memorable birth announcement in my head, all the other well thought out ones with cute photos I can barely remember or can't remember who did what.

 Sorry I don't know why I keep writing birth, I mean pregnancy.
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OP It's mainly for my children. They are so excited and have seen a few things and they want to get involved with it. With those 2 it was a simple "we're excited to announce were pregnant" but now I want to have a bit of fun with it :)
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 You could get custom printed T-shirt’s for the family or just the kids, something like
“Make way for number 3” “There’s a baby on the way” or something to that effect!
Could also get someone to take pics with said tshirts on and the two kids kissing mummy’s tummy and then use the pic as the birth announcement !?

I personally think that would be cute but everyone’s idea of cute is different.

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I saw one on Pinterest that I thought was really cool. It was photos of a child trying to fit into a baby carrier, a baby bath and something else and the caption was ‘no longer the baby of the family’

OP Love that :)
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 Oh, and congrats on your pregnancy :)
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i saw one that was a bit cute. the crib had a toddler in it and an "eviction notice" taped to the crib. toddler was also having a tantrum which added to the fun.

OP That is so cute!
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