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Do you clean items before listing them for sale?

I’m sick of seeing items for sale with “ just needs a wipe over” , “ just needs a dust”. Why not wipe it over or dust it before listing. It would look more presentable and more likely to sell. Lazy grubby people.


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Certainly do. I hate that too. Just clean it, I dont want to buy your dirt !

This annoys me too, some items have crap all over it likea book case the other day with paperwork and random crap stacked on it there was even a beer can in there! Just empty it and wipe it ffs you might actually be able to sell it.

Yep. It annoys me seeing that too. Clothes - just need a wash. Well wash them! It’s not hard!

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 Exactly. Who’s gonna buy your dirty shit. Wash the damn clothes first.
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Not wasting time and money cleaning a lounge if selling cheap

 I’m talking about book shelves that need a dust. Or a table that just needs a wipe down. Or a bike that has a cobweb on the spokes. How hard is is to dust or wipe something ???
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If selling yes, if GIVI away no.

 Giving away.
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