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Anyone have cabin fever yet?


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Was Starting to feel it so got out in the back yard today and gave it a really good clean up. Cleaned all the furniture and rearranged everything so I’ve got a really nice set up now. Nice to be outside in the fresh air with a cool breeze..

Nope I’m a homebody and I love it. Thank god my husband has work outside though, he is going crazy with the limits imposed on him as it is.

Yes and we have a large house and good size block I don’t think it’s the size of your home but if you are a homebody - I’m not I hate it but my family are so they love it and think it’s normal.

No!! And incidentally size doesn't matter! I gotta tiny 3x1 shoebox for 4 of us but we love our home because its where we are together!!!

 This is us too. Small house but it’s comfortable and we have everything we need.... and it’s the only place I feel safe right now
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 Me too, I love our home, its enough for us
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Yep. I'm such a social butterfly normally so this is hard for me. But it's what we have to do so trying to see the positives. Keeping safe, deep cleaning the house, playing Uno as a family.

Not at all. We have a large block of land out of town so we're pretty isolated anyway