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Mother inlaw why would she have done that?

Answered 2 months ago

About 10 years ago i had not long met my girlfriend (now wife) one night I was leaving her house. They lived in a double storey house and from the lower level in the front entrance you could see the upper level. So one night as I was walking out my now mother inlaw called out saying goodbye as I looked up i saw she was naked seeing her topless I acted like I didn’t see anything and kept walking saying goodbye.

To this day I still wonder did she purposely do it?
She wasn’t at the edge of the balcony she was standing back a little next to the bathroom door, but she was looking at me.

My thought is after 23 years in that home she would most likely know what you can see from the lower level if you were to look up???

She often jokes about me being a stud or an italian stallion because she wants more grandkids

About a year ago late one night my sister iin law phoned my wife disgusted because she could hear the in laws having sex she was a little to vocal lol, the house they now live in has the bedroom at the opposite end so she probably thinks nobody can hear

So i often wonder
Was she giving me a show intentionally or was it accidental?

If it was intentional was she doing it to turn herself on?

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2 months ago
That image would probably haunt me too. Probs trying to turn you on. How gross.

2 months ago
Dude, it was 10yrs ago. Why you still thinking about her boobs?

2 months ago
I think her intention was to turn you on. And considering it was 10 years ago and you still think about it, she succeeded.
Stop thinking about your wife's mother naked.

2 months ago
I’m more concerned that you still think about this

3 months ago
Just have a laugh and brush it off maybe she wanted a thrill to get kinky with the husband lol