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Fijian Cheat

Answered 6 months ago

A woman I know claimed DV against her husband (AUS FELLOW).
She’s from Fiji, 4 x kids 3 different fathers, children born as of affairs during marriage.
Claiming DV however still seeing husband, she was in a refuge, claiming fear for her life however would sneak out out at night leaving children unattended in the refuge to see her ex partner. He is a tax cheat too, now she has a housing commission, he is now a regular visitor there whilst he has tenants renting the family property.
These two abused the system even though they have been reported numerous times to authorities by multiple parties. Nothing done!
(Not bad for a girl from the village in Fiji who came to this country with nothing yet managed to produce babies with different men all the whilst married to the man who sponsored her to come here & she works cash in hand work whilst claiming DV ABUSE,”).
During court she has asked for in excess of $150,000 payment all the whilst their actually still seeing each other 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.
How is this right?

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6 months ago
Mind you own bees wax

6 months ago
It doesn’t sound like an enjoyable or satisfying life she’s living - surely it’s punishment enough to be her? Why are you emotionally invested in this? Why not just let the court sort it out?

6 months ago
Lol! Why does this bother you so much, if you don’t have proof of her business keep out 😂😂

6 months ago

Why does this bother you so much? I understand she may have been doing some illegal stuff but if you don’t have proof leave them alone. It’s none of your business.