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3 year old kinder or daycare?

Answered 1 year ago

My son is going through the process of getting diagnosed for autism and still isn’t potty trained yet an I think maybe he isn’t ready for 3 year old kinder and am considering trying him out in a daycare first..
has anyone done this or know what’s the best thing to do ?

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1 year ago
I’d probably keep him home for a bit longer and just wait till he’s ready for kindy.
If he does end up being diagnosed with autism then may even let you start him even later at kindy.

1 year ago
Find a centre who is inclusive & understanding, preferably with staff who are trained in SEN, regardless if it's a kinder or daycare. My ASD DS hated daycare. When we switched him to kindy (at 4, no 3 yr kinder in QLD) he blossomed with the routine, same age peers etc. Everything improved a lot.

He's 8 now. Still goes through periods of toileting issues so be prepared to possibly deal with it for a long time. (He cleans his own undies now, tho).