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Jealous of friends and other families

Hi all. I hate admitting this (even annomously) but sometimes I feel jealous of my friends and other families at my kids school. I'm a single mum and kids rarely see their dad so it's a very single mum situation. I see these families at school and on facebook of friends with perfect lives and perfect kids. And I know in my head that it's only a perception of their lives, but my heart still aches because I'm so lonely and hate my life at the moment.


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You not only need itell yourself all in your head, but you have to believe it. No such thing as perfect. You do not know what that Mum who looks so perfect on Facebook is going through in real life. Just because someone doesn’t post shitty things about their life on FB, doesn’t mean they aren’t going though some shitty times.

You need to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on the positive things in your life. You might not think there is anything positive, but I already know one thing. You’re a mother. And you have beautiful kids who love you. There is your focus.

 OP here: thanks that's good advice. I do love my kids, I think I'm just unhappy my marriage dissolved. I never planned on being divorced.
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Oh hon I feel you!!! I had what looked like the perfect family & I thought it was - except my perfect husband had an affair for 2 years without me knowing & basically left me with our 2 kids to bring up. To add insult to injury I was in a great financial position before meeting him, now I struggle to pay the bills. I have days where I just want to throw in the towel & give up, especially when you see other dads being great fathers. It's not fair but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. I firmly believe in karma & that the universe has a plan for us all, so things will work out eventually. Your kids are so lucky to have you - I just try to focus on all of the good in my life & trust that everything happens for a reason. Sending some good karma your way XXX

I have a seemingly perfect family, on the outside. Beautiful house and happy husband but i don't own it, i rent i lost my house when my life fell apart. My husband, his not actually my childrens father their biological father is in prison for unspeakable acts and i suffer daily from the emotional trauma of what he put us through. I'm at peace with my situation but what I'm saying is that that perfect family you see at the school gate have thir own demons and are possibly in a worse situation than you, you just can't see it on the outside. Enjoy your life for the good things you do have, i know it's hard, trust me it took a long time for me to be ok but you can be if you just focus on what really matters. You wont be lonely forever

Hop off Facebook. Life without is seems impossible when you have it. Once your off it you see how crap facebook is.

 A sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on Facebook!
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 Agreed, it's better for your sanity. I'm off facebook because people who are important contact me via mobile. Try to find an activity you like to meet people with similar hobbies.
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I would say get off FB and start really exploring your own interests. I was a single mum for 10 years and within 6 months of doing this, I met the love of my life. Say yes to everything for a month and see where life takes you. Everyone thinks everyone else's life is better but I can guarantee you, there would be people out there who are jealous of you too - especially those in miserable marriages putting on a brave face for the kids.

Agree, i post lots of happy pics etc of things we do together so family can see what we're up to. But i never post about the fights we have or anything like that because its private and i like to present a united front to the world lol! I often see my friends posting about every little thing that goes on in their relationships- lots of bad stuff too, and i just think its so childish. We have been through tough times too, my partner was sacked on work cover for a work injury- a bad one that has requires 2 lots of sugery and he is considered permanently disabled. We went from earning about 150k a year, to 45k a year (my wage lol) plus at the same time my dad was dying of cancer- which obviously fu***d me up alot as we were very close and i was the only one there to care for him. Be positive. Focus on you and your happiness. Try doing 1 thing a day that makes you feel happy and build up.