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Are you still buying take away ?


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I feel like it’s safer to order take away now than pre-virus! All the restaurants are cleaning multiple times a day, using gloves, using hospital grade products, not letting people work who are sick. I can bet they weren’t doing that before!

 How do you really know they’re doing that tho? They are supposed to be yet are they?? I wouldn’t take the risk.
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We don't usually buy takeaway because we save that money for travel. But....since we can't take our holiday to japan (supposed to be in the air right now 😭!) or go anywhere else, we're thinking of doing takeaway from different countries every week as a treat.

Although I'm beginning to wonder how safe it is......

Yes all our local restaurants and cafes are doing super cheap menus and free delivery so we have bought lunch or dinner a few times, I cook mostly but I really don't enjoy it all.

 Aren’t you worried about getting the virus
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 If she was worried, she'd stop eating there. Don't you think???
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 No? How is it more risky than going to the supermarket for ingredients? Lol
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 ^^ 👍
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I don’t eat it anyway but definately wouldn’t now.

Nope! All shut in NZ. Hopefully you’re wiping packaging down with disinfectant.

Nope, nope, nope. We didn’t do takeaway much to start with but I’m definitely not doing it now.

We've had it a few times, only because I felt too lazy to cook.

Nope. In a couple of weeks I might change my stance though🤣

Yeah. We're lucky enough to still be employed. We've uber eats'd a few times since this shit went down. When the stimulus package comes in I'm going to treat the kids to kfc through menu log.