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Are chemist workers bound by privacy laws regarding someones medicinal script?

Answered 1 year ago

Long story short, I live in a shitty small town. Everyone knows everyone, and the gossip mill is vicious.
A few years ago I was sexually assaulted. To be blunt, I was repeatedly raped and abused by my ex fiance. He did not use a condom and I needed the MAP.
Since it happened in the city (where he lived) I went to the closest chemist to get it once I'd made my escape. It was a chain that also has a store in my town. Unbeknownst to me, one of the girls I knew was training at that store that day and caught wind of why I was there.
Given that I never told anyone about the rape (except the chemist lady - NOT the girl I knew) and I know my ex wasn't admitting his own guilt, it shocked me when my aunts neighbour came up and asked me if I was okay since I had to get the MAP. What the fuck?!
She told me that girl X told her about it, and she just wanted to check in and make sure I'm ok.
I was livid.

So, now I'm wondering if X actually broke any privacy laws by disclosing my medical shit. I have no plans on following up with a solicitor, I'm just curious. I'd appreciate any light you can shed on the issue.

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1 year ago
Take your arse to the pharmacy ASAP and make a formal complaint!!!

1 year ago
Absolutely she did. Attend the pharmacy and give them a formal complaint.

1 year ago
At the very least she has breached the privacy policy of the company she works for.

1 year ago
Pharmacists would be bound by a code of ethics to maintain your confidentiality but someone who works as an assistant, I’m not sure. Either way, you should have reported her as it is at the very least unprofessional to divulge anything personal about customers to others.


1 year ago
Thanks. Unfortunately, due to some other factors, I didn't report her to anyone. Nor my ex to the police. I ended up denying it altogether to not worsen the situation (pre-marital sex, even if she doesn't consent, is really bad for women in that community - which is largely made up of certain church/cult members).