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How do you piss off your ex?

Please don't take this seriously, but what little things do you do to annoy your ex?
I have the giggles as I packed ham sandwiches for my kids today and knowing they leave half in their lunchbox. Due to his wife's religion pork products are banned in their house, so I know tonight he will be panicking trying to hide the left overs in the bin before she notices.
This is because they told me off for being petty last visit (I wasn't but will be now).


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I read the title and was thinking “Another crazy lady at it again trying to make her ex miserable”
Then I read the rest of it and honestly that’s pretty fu****g funny. 😂😂

 I find it funny and bad at the same time?
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I piss him off by existing

 That's all it takes to upset some people 😂
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That's pathetic, time to grow up. If you behave like this it shows you haven't moved on.

My ex is very punctual, and can't handle anyone being late. If he has pissed me off I turn up with the kids at our meeting point about three minutes late. It's enough to upset him, but him being ridiculous not me. It's funny to see him fuming and point out that the clock in my car says I'm on time.

Aw I'm on good terms with my ex, but I like to upset my brother in law who refuses to work and is also demanding money from the fam, by sending passive aggressive memes about money and jobs to get up his nose. If I didn't get a reaction, I wouldn't do it 😂

I send cheap leaky drink bottles to school with the kids on the Friday that he picks them up. He always complains about everything being wet in their bags.

 That’s sad for your kids.
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 They don't care. I'm not risking him not returning the $15 dollar ones I buy, plus it makes me feel better to annoy him.
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I don’t really care enough about him to piss him off... as long as he pay his CS he can do what he wants!

I deliberately don’t open his texts for days, sometimes weeks.
We both have iPhones so he watches when I’ve opened his message.
He usually sends me stupid stuff that doesn’t warrant a reply anyway. Like - I’ve paid child support this week 🙄

Ooh you are spicy haha.
A woman after my own heart 💓

^^^^^ this though ^^^^^^
killing two birds with one stone, sex and revenge!

What ever exh forgets to send back after access, I forget to send next time the kids go. It's usually socks.

Wow, I think she's gone into overkill avoiding pork. I'm Jewish and even though I don't eat it myself, my kids and husband are free to do so. I even buy it for them. What kind of ridiculousness is this not even allowing it in the house? Whaaaaaat?

I didn't have kids with any of my exes (thank God), but every now and then, my abusive exes sister will comment on a mutual friends stuff. She was a real piece of shit, and when she comments it's always passive aggressive shit. So I like to "haha" her comment and write something nice to my friend in the comments. It's petty. But I don't care. F**k that bitch is such a negative nancy. If she ever wrote anything nice I'd leave it be. But every single time I see something positive posted by my friend (ie when she announced that they're expecting their first child) exes sister writes the most passive aggressive shit (ie oh it must be so nice having a husband and falling pregnant so easily, too bad I don't get that). For context, exes sister always had a thing for our friends now husband.

 If you're devout Muslim, even handling pork is taboo.
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