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Hi I have 2 years old and her fever is going to 39.7 . And it’s too late to see GP and I don’t know what to do Please can anyone help me ..


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Try the at home doctor service

 Yes thank you :)
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I have been thinking about you op. How is your little going now?

 I called 13 health and they advised me call house doctor but they were too busy so i took her after hour doctor and he said that it is virus and it will ok but today early in the morning her temperature was 40.7 .............i didn’t expect that because doctor said it won’t go 40 degrees ha..... but it happened. she was gagging and cry ....
But now she is ok but i am going to take her another doctor she usually goes
Thank you for your kindness :)

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Gold acoast hospital isnt far from Southport

 I was going there but I guess it would cost me a lot but i will if the temperature goes up
I hope it doesn’t happen ..
Thank you for your answer and have a good one

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Whenever you’re unsure in the future give 13Health a call. They are great and will give you an idea of what to do so you don’t have to wait around and check for others advice online. Really high temperatures can be extremely dangerous and it’s good you were able to bring it down. Also, have a look at what hospitals are around in the area you will be in for the future as sometimes you need them when you aren’t expecting it.

 Thank you for your help
She is active now and temperature is 38 and keep going down but maybe i will have to see at night i might have to call them at night .
Thank you for your information that help me so much :)

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Can you give her an icy pole?
If you call 1800 022 222 you will get free, fast medical advice from the government medical people. They can tell you where you can take your baby or what you can do at home to help your baby.
Can you let us know know how you go?
Also try nurofen as well as Panadol its very effective and they can have both at the same time.
Good luck mama xx

 Thank you so much your help
I woke her up and give her panadol and ice pole as well , her temperature is 38.3 so i will take her bath and if the temperature goes up again i will call the number or house doctor
Thanks again

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Hi, I am a retired Nursery Nurse. Check to see if with of her ears are red, does she have a rash, has she been eating normally. Make sure to offer her cool water regularly and don't cover her up. No need to sponsor ger her down, it's not recommended any more as child can get upset and temp goes back up again. As previous commentators suggest give her medication to lower temperature. If it doesn't stay down after 24 hours or if it continues to rise take her to your doctor or hospital. High temperatures without symptoms are very common in young children and usually last for two or three days so try not to worry. Please bear in mind I am NOT a doctor, my advice is based on many years experience with babies and young children,. Hope she gets better soon.

 Sorry about typos in my reply!!
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What symptoms does your little girl have apart from fever??

Child panadol. Take her clothes off. Cool sponges.
Call a home visit doctor such as Dial A Doctor

 I just did like you said
Thank you very much

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Home doctor
Or hospital.

 I just gave her Panadol and wipe her body with lukewarm water and her temperature is 39.5.
I don’t know which hospital should i take her ...
Is there any hospital near Southport in Gold Coast?
Thank you for your answer

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