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[email protected] program

Has anyone used the [email protected] (putting health at the top) program and what did you think? 💚


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My understanding is that its 500 calories per day. Thats starvation, not a lifestyle. Im 63kgs and even if i lay in bed all day my body still uses 1200 calories just to carry out its every day functions like breathing and blinking. On 500 cals per day your going to lose weight..this is a ketogenic diet without much fat so that explains the caloric restrictions.. And we need good fats. Furthermore, the supplements they sell you are synthetic versions of all the vitamins and minerals you arent getting from REAL food because your eating only 500 calories!! The Mentors are initially clients of the programme. Unsure if any have lifestyle or nutritional expertise but im thinking possibly not. Just lost weight and decided to become a Mentor after attending Phatt School. Im assuming these mentors get a cut of whatever the supplements cost although they are tight lipped..nobe will confurm whether they receive a commission. Save your money. Eat real food not junk

Did 3 weeks on this program and could not complete the 30 to 40 day. Yes, it's 300 au dollars and you can't do any exercise or you'll faint. Your breath stinks and if , like me, you'll never have a normal bowel movement and be constipated...a lot of painful constipation! I work with clients, so it was very embarrassing to have bad breath all the time, even if you drink the 3 litres of water a day like I did. As soon as I started having normal meals with a bit of carbs and fat I put on 2 kilos ( Yes, 2 kilos in 3 days!) Overall I lost only 3,5 kilos in 4 weeks, but I did loose a size. ..which I'm getting back quickly! 8 would recommend this diet if you have a wedding or a special occasion, but it's not sustainable in the long term, unless you keep buying the products and eating the food from the list of approved foods, there are almost no carbs , so life in restaurants or breakfast with friends are a no, no... This is Ketosis at it's best! ,so if you want to have a normal relationship with food, this isn't for you. I'll say, pay that money to see a nutritionist and join a gym. It'll take you a couple of extra weeks, but it'll give you realistic results without paying $300 on supplements!

I started the programme 10 days ago because I had a number of ailments, including Fibromyalgia, GERD reflux, back and joint pain and overall lack of energy. I also felt like i needed to heal my gut. I have not had any flare ups since starting the prgramme. The bonus is I have lost just over 5kg and my energy levels are the best in years. It cost me $230 NZ for the supplements, but I am saving that just in food. You do need to be disciplined and dedicated to succeeding. I figured that if I can give up smoking, than I can commit to anything!

 Hi 👋 can you please explain what I get when joining this program. Is it tablets to take as well as food. Also is it true about only eating 500 calories a day.
Thanks hope to hear back xx

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I will preface this by saying I became a [email protected] Mentor in April 2018. I did the program 12 months ago. The Mentor told me I could lose up to 10% of my body weight in 4 weeks. I started at 73kgs. First month I lost 7kgs and second month 6kgs. I felt better than I had in years, had heaps of energy and slept so much better. I have kept the weight off for 12 months. I was introduced by a friend who had lost 15kg.

 I’ve loved the program and want to become a mentor myself but don’t know how
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I’m doing it now. It is about 300$ for the supplements, but it does train you to eat healthier and you will lose weight. You lose more the heavier you are. It’s not unhealthy, lots of veg and enough protein. Lots of cooking though

 Waste of money
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 Lots of veg? Are you joking?
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I started the program at 115kg and lost 5kg in 2 weeks and had so much energy I could not believe it. I went on to lose 37kg which I have kept off for 12 months now. The program teaches you what foods do not agree with YOUR body so that you can then maintain your loss. The foggy brain has gone, medications have been changed by doctor after test results and the whole family has benefited!

Costly start up and you need to be really dedicated. They claim you will drop 10kg in a month. 6kg/8 kgand 12 with others I know. Don’t start exercising if you don’t already, so few caliouries and you’ll pass out.
Make sure you take all the stuff as directed or you’ll end up sick ... lack of nutrition

 That doesn’t sound healthy at all!???
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I joined the program back in September 2017 and in 87 days lost 20kg I continued again after Xmas and hit 30kg weight Loss. After a few weeks I joined as a mentor and now I get to help others on there weight loss journey. You do take supplements, they are very top quality and have a very high absorption rate unlike the ones in a supermarket. We cook proper meals and learn along the way how to cook and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once you have lost your weight you continue on maintenance and unlike other programs you dont have to keep taking the supplements, alot choose to as they are so good and make us feel amazing. We now have over 270,000 people enjoying our program and I am certainly happy to help anyone who wants to lose weight on this incredible and sustainable program. Regards Deana.

I’ve dropped 23kgs on it I also use skinny mixers recipes for meals that are not on the list to break it up and still have some what heathy eating

I know 4 people that have used this program, all successfully. One being my partner who lost 3 stone in around 3 months. In the 33 years we have been together she has tried everything out there to loose the weight that she steadily put on through 3 pregnancy and over indulging ;). She doesn't have the greatest resolve in the world so I was expecting another fad and failure. The reality was she loved it and found it easy. Never felt hungry and having read some of the the other comments on here she has also been the healthiest she has been for sometime. This is more than weight loss! She has stopped snoring, has more energy (Last week we went for one of our arduous walks that I am usually waiting for her to catch me up and roles were completely reversed). The one warning I will give is if you can't afford to replace your partners size 18 wardrobe with size 12 don't do the program.

 Haha. I love that last line 😂
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I started the program to lose weight of course, but just had no idea how the health benefits would override on my general wellbeing. Once I started healing my gut I noticed huge changes to my health and was able to drop medication and feel so much healthier by doing so. Check out the example day at

At least with Lite 'n Easy all your food is provided. I was always told that rapid weight loss is NOT the way to go.

 Who can afford lite n easy especially for a family. learning to prepare your food and feed the family is the best thing in the world you can teach your kids not to get food delivered or you will never be able to do it yourself!!
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 I did Lite & Easy for 6 weeks and gained 2kg!
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Yes I’m on my second week and it’s fabulous!! First week I lost 4.1kgs and 19cm and I didn’t have to exercise! It’s also increased my energy levels and my brain fog has lifted. If you want to know more I’m more than happy to tell!!!

 Hi OP here. I have received my nutrients and have set the date to start. Do you feel the nutrients are really necessary and is the program difficult to follow? Thanks :)
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 Yes pls do tell more????
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There are no hard and fast ways of losing weight. You need to burn more calories than you consume. Best way is to gradually change your diet to include at least 7 serves of veg, 5 serves of fruit plus protein, fibre and carbs. Plus a combination of cardio and weight-based training.

A dietician friend says the faster you lose it the more you put back on.

 I thought it was 5 and 2 serves?
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I have did phatt program on Jan 2017 , lost 9 kg within a month. Still maintaining my weight loss till now. just having a good balance in our meals and exercise helps me maintain my weight after the program. I am a mentor with phatt program now. Happy to assist anyone who requires info. We work with both VEGETARIAN AND NON VEGETARIAN as well.