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Has anyone reduced days in their family day care, or had less days available?


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What do you expect- they are unable to charge fees and the govt is only paying them the ccb part of what they were earning, so whatever the gap is (the amount the parents were paying), they miss out on. They are being asked to do the same work for less money in a time when it is very stressful to be working with children.

 I was under the impression the government were going to pay the gap (although it would take time to sort that out).
Or is this not the case

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 That is not the case. They are expected to work for the ccb part only. It would be hard not to be resentful, especially when there are families taking advantage and asking for extra days etc because it is free now....
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 Yes, it drives me mad. I get job keeper so I have cut my hours so I don't work for more than I get paid. I stopped providing care for families that aren't working.
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 ^ Good for you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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 The daycares I thought get 50% of their maximum amount previous to this. So they have to pay everything based on that, salaries, overheads, insurance, food. Itโ€™s been really tough on them
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 I also stopped providing food and nappies.
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I closed my fdc, not working for bugger all.

 It must be really hard on the owner, goodluck to you x
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We were asked if we could pick our son up earlier or reduce days and we said No

 Really? I didn't give my families a choice.
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 How unfair of you. Their earning less and you're taking advantage. I would have cancelled your care
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 But she also has herself and other children to protect.
It's a grey area to me

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 How unfair of me. We both work in community services full time. I guess it's better to keep my child home then support people going through DV and chronic mental health issues and let them suffer suicidal thoughts and being abused by perpetrators so the childcare can get a chop out.

Im sure our clients like hearing a 4 year old being loud and demanding while they tell us their partner broke their nose and smashed their face in and threatened to kill them and now they're afraid for their life AGAIN.

I'm sure my child needs to be exposed to conversations like because childcare workers are doing it tough.

Get a life troll. Let's hope you never need to access services for this. Actually maybe you deserve to be given a second rate service if you need it and then you can come back and tell us how bad it was.

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 Dont get pissy.
I rely on daycare for my essential healthcare job, but the reality is if daycare closed its doors i would be out of work, and that's just how it is.
And it sucks but family daycare is run in their own home and it's their own small business and if they want to change hours i guess that's their prerogative because it's their small business, whether you like it or not

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I thought it was a condition of their payment that they donโ€™t reduce availability and welcome those parents back. Did you increase your days after the childcare situation changed?